fortnite season 7 is jam packed with huge updates and new features

All Things Fortnite (Season 7)

Fortnite (Season 7) has finally been released with a Christmas themed island. The snow-filled landscapes and new map locations are thrilling to explore, build on and battle upon!

The new location names are associated with Christmas and the Winter season. They include “Iceberg”, “Frosty Flights”, “Polar Peak” and “Happy Hamlet”. The availability of new, limited-edition character skins lets players make their characters stand out from the crowd. I would definitely recommend purchasing these and adding them to your inventory, as they are exceptionally designed. Players can also customise and wrap their weapons with cool designs and camo patterns. These are guaranteed to enable players to battle in style.

In Fortnite (Season 7), players also have the choice to fly planes in a unique feature! Planes have a total of five seats and also come with an interactive mounted machine gun. This may seem like an over-powering weapon but it’s been implemented realistically. The machine gun can overheat and stop working if fired continuously.

Along with other bug fixes and improvements, Epic Gaming is doing an incredible job on maintaining the game. It’s engaging its audience with surprising new content every season. I just can’t wait to see what future seasons hold!

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