Thank you for visiting my blog! It’s my little space on the net to share all things life, whether that be a new piece of tech I just love, a game I didn’t really enjoy or the amazing dining experience I had; you can find me writing all about it here!

Equipped with over 4 years experience in digital creation, a background in business management, as well as an interest in design, I decided to group all my skills and passions together into one place; and so Gridcore Graphics was born! It’s now my full-time job (which I’m truly grateful for) and I work on a variety of projects; blog content as well as both pre-made and custom digital designs for content creators and influencers. I also occasionally upload videos on Youtube, so be sure to follow me there too!

Alongside this, I also offer a FREE promotion service on Twitter and I’ve decided to dive into the world of blogging to reveal the inner workings of a 20-something freelance graphic designer. I’m a huge computer geek, gaming nerd and utter foodie who loves lazing around in bed all day (I wish…) so expect posts on technology, gaming as well as general lifestyle.

I really hope you stick around and enjoy reading my content as well as the digital designs I create (a lot of my time and effort goes into these, so if you’re a fan, we can totally be best friends…if you want)

Also, if you want to get in touch, whether if be regarding sponsored content and collaborations, product reviews as well as general enquiries, please do so by emailing me. I really do love receiving and reading through my emails, so let’s have a chat!

Until next time.

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