trending toys 2021

Trending Toys Of 2021

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I’ve realised Summer seems to be the time when pretty much everyone has a birthday bash coming up, and it’s certainly the case for me! With my niece turning three this year, there’s been plenty of excitement buzzing in the air, as she’s at the stage where she understands the occasion of birthdays better, making it even more fun! Whilst shopping for her birthday gifts, it struck me that with so many toys on the market, it can literally take hours finding the perfect plaything for little ones. So, I decided to team up with some fantastic brands to compile a guide on the trending toys of 2021 – let’s get on with it, shall we?

trending toys 2021

Steiff Cosy Fynn Teddy Bear

You can’t go wrong with a teddy bear, and especially a Steiff Fynn Teddy Bear which comes complete in a Steiff gift box. It’s sure to put a smile on your little one’s face with it’s big shiny eyes, black button nose and two adorable ears, making it the perfect cuddle companion. The teddy bear itself is made from beige-coloured woven fur, which makes it soft and light to carry around!

trending toys 2021

Love Writing Co. Learning To Write Pack

To give the gift of education, the Learning To Write Pack has been specially developed by Love Writing Co. to make learning quicker, easier and fun for your little one! The kit contains exercise books, colouring pencils alongside writing pencils and a sharpener to help kickstart your child’s learning and make them more confident in reading and writing from an early stage. The tripod grips on the pencils are particularly great to prevent muscle fatigue in little hands.

trending toys 2021

Haba Frog Pegging Game

For a colourful game, the Haba frog pegging game is brilliant to foster fine motor skills through play. It can also help support learning of colour identification and size allocation, making it an ideal learning toy. Plus, it’s made from smooth wood, coated with silk paint to ensure a safe finish for hours of play for little ones!

trending toys 2021

Best Years Orange Diplodocus Knitted Dinosaur

Kids nowadays seem to be big fans of dinosaurs, right? My niece loves them, so you can probably imagine her surprise when she was presented with this cheerful, orange Diplodocus Soft Toy from Best Years! It’s available in four different colours and three various sizes, making it ideal for children of all ages. Also, did I mention that it’s ethically sourced?

trending toys 2021

Jumini Alphabet Puzzle

Every kid needs a traditional puzzle in their toy box, so this natural wood Alphabet Puzzle from Squidling Toys is brilliant to help little ones with understanding the alphabet as well as teaching them the the associated word with the letter, making it a memorable learning aid! It’s also great to develop hand eye coordination and extend the imagination of young minds.

trending toys 2021

Weaving Hope Farm Play Set

To support a fairtrade friendly, small business which prides itself in vegan friendly and sustainable toys, this Weaving Hope Farm Play Set is perfect to encourage imaginative and interactive play in young children, and it comes zipped in a handy pouch complete with a range of farm animals. Since it’s cotton woven on traditional wooden handlooms, it’s also practical, light to carry and machine washable, making it a long lasting toy!

trending toys 2021

Dr Slime Antibacterial Pet

Is your little one always playing doctors and nurses? Well, this Dr Slime Antibacterial Pet is amazing to nurture their caring side and it makes for an interesting sensory play experience. Children are required to decode the secret ailments of their pet, fill out a medical report card and heal the animal with the antibacterial slime using the enclosed syringe – watch their faces light up when their pet changes colour!

trending toys 2021

Jaques London Animal Safari Wooden Shape Sorter

Jaques London have been creating toys since 1795, so you know your little ones will be in good hands when it comes to traditional wooden toys which are of high quality and safe to play with. This Animal Safari Wooden Shape Sorter is beautifully crafted and comes with six wooden animal figurines to support animal identification as well as to develop and improve fine motor skills, precise hand movement and hand eye coordination through the shape sorter. The pull along feature is also great to allow complete imaginative freedom when it comes to playing with this toy in a variety of different ways!

And that’s a wrap! If you’re stuck on the best toys to buy for your little one this year, the toys and brands in this guide are worth a definite look. It’ll also save you loads of time scouring the net and roaming numerous shopping aisles…

Until next time.

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