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5 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

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Sleep is an important need for the human body in order to rest and function properly during the day. Researchers have found having less sleep is bad for your body and can cause a negative impact on important parts of the human body such as the hormones and brain. There are many ways to help you relax your body and get yourself to sleep, so here are some important key points on what can be done to help you get a good night’s sleep.

  • De-stress with a bath!

A good soak is helpful before going to sleep as it helps you to release the tension from sore muscles in your body and can be made extra luxurious by adding aromatherapy oils or a bath bomb (or two!) It also helps with improving the circulation in your body, so there’s no excuse not to have one!

  • Relax with a massage

A massage with a herbal oil extracted from tea tree can be especially beneficial for your body, straight after a bath, to further aid with relaxing tense muscles. A massage can also help with soothing your air flow during sleep and unclogging blocked pores to make you feel squeaky clean!

  • Invest in a good mattress

Having a good mattress is one of the most important factors of having a good night’s sleep. It is recommended to change your spring mattress every five years, however memory foam mattresses last a lot longer! The Nectar memory foam mattress is made up of layers of useful materials designed to regulate temperature, give the body support during sleep and mould itself around you to provide extreme comfort. It’s also easy to set up and offers a lifetime guarantee, so you don’t have to ever think of getting another mattress!

  • Say no to drinks

Consuming drinks, which may contain alcohol, caffeine or sugar before bedtime can cause an adverse effect on your sleeping habits as it energises you to stay up longer. So, bin those drinks (metaphorically!) and maybe try a hot chocolate or malted milk drink instead!

  • Darken your bedroom

Using a muted colour palette in your bedroom can do wonders for your sleep. Invest in black-out curtains and also minimise the amount of light sources, such as LED alarm clocks, TVs or even your mobile charger’s indicator light! If you still seem to be distracted by the contents of your bedroom, try using an eye mask.

If all else fails, a little trip to your GP might help with an undiagnosed sleeping disorder, which can easily be treated, so don’t delay!

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