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The Importance Of Having A Signature Perfume

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Perfumes came into existence in 1370 at which time they were made from a variety of natural ingredients such as scented oils, herbs and flowers. Sometimes, these ingredients were further blended with an alcoholic solution in order to make the scent stronger and to last longer. Once the idea of perfumes started to spread around the world, many individuals began to experiment with even more ingredients, moving away from traditional scents and into producing synthetic fragrances. Some perfumers even went as far as to keep their creations a secret when the popularity of their product rose. This slowly led to the creation of luxury brands, where the creator of a scent could be recognised instantly by a quick sniff, due to similar notes in the product line.

These designer fragrances are still very much alive in today’s day and age, with many smaller brands trying to replicate the scents (but with little success!) However, with the innovation of technology, it’s now much easier to buy perfume online, rather than having to visit several fragrance stores before settling on one scent depending on your tastes. So, why is it important to find and wear one signature perfume?

It becomes your image

Similar to wearing a certain style of fashion, a signature perfume also becomes a part of your image. It should be used as a tool for others to be able to recognise your presence simply by a whiff of your scent. It’s a brilliant way for others to instantly recognise you and make you unforgettable thanks to the olfactory memory.

It complements your outfit

Whether you’re wardrobe consists of two piece suits and you can never be without your Boss Bottled Parfum to match your sharp and energetic personality or whether you’re mostly found in your workout gear paired with Chanel Allure which corresponds with your sensual aura, your signature perfume is a great way to complement your wardrobe.

It conveys your mood

Whilst some individuals prefer to wear one signature perfume, others have a selection of different scents which they rotate and use on a daily basis depending on their mood. So, in the boardroom, you might want to play it serious and wear something strong and captivating, such as woody scents (think sandalwood or amber) whilst for a night out with friends, something with fresh and oriental notes  might be more suited for a sensual and uplifting ambience (think bergamot or cinnamon).

Finding your signature perfume is not a last minute decision; it takes hours, maybe even days, to find the perfect scent. This is because our personal skin chemistry can interact with the different notes of a fragrance in various ways. Therefore, one perfume can smell differently on every single body. Also, during your lifetime, you may change your signature perfume at different points of your life, because the ever-changing nature of our bodies means that what was once our go to scent, no longer fits our aesthetic.

However, above all, one lesson to take away from this post is that your signature perfume help you feel comfortable and confident.

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