new year resolution and what your goals, plans and actions are to achieve them

New Year’s Resolutions Review

Remember the New Year’s Resolutions I set last year? Time flies so quickly right? I know it’s not the end of 2017 yet, but I’ve decided to review those resolutions and see how far I’ve got. I think I’ve nailed most of them, so here goes:

  • Continue to write one post per month – This blogging schedule has been working well for me alongside my business and personal commitments. Even when things have got really busy, posting once a month has enabled me to plan engaging content and take some time out from my busy day. So I’ll be continuing to do this.
  • Reach 700 followers on Bloglovin’ – I was surprised to meet this goal because I didn’t know I had this many readers. Thank you for your continuous support. This has inspired me to keep writing and run this little space on the net. I’m hoping to only grow my readership more in the coming years.
  • Reach 4000 followers on Twitter – Thanks to all my supporters, I’ve been able to reach this goal too! Twitter is my favourite social media platform. So seeing my follower numbers grow organically has been really positive for me. It’s also boosted my confidence to continue blogging and sharing tweets on Twitter.
  • Increase my blog traffic – My blog traffic has been steadily growing over time. So I’m pleased to see that I’ve met this target just by posting consistently.
  • Create a media kit – I’ve planned an initial design. The only things left to do are to add in my statistics and unique selling points!
  • Monetise my blog – I think I’ve partly met this goal, because I have been looking at ways to do so. Therefore, my main and only resolution for the next year will be to monetise my blog.

Until next time.

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