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5 Ways To Create A Modern Aesthetic In Your Home

Since buying my first home and renovating it, I’ve been really leaning towards a modern interior design style throughout the house. I’m a minimalist at heart and find comfort in the simple things, so this design style also fits my personality perfectly! If you’re also a fan of the modern aesthetic, here are a few ways you can create a modern interior design style in your home:

Keep It Minimalistic

The modern interior design style promotes minimalism in order to keep the home simple, uncluttered and spacious. Minimalistic interiors normally consist of purposeful simple furniture such as the Barcelona chair. Your furniture should be basic, bare and structural, so opt for pieces with exposed legs in geometrical shapes without any additional curves or decoration such as the ones retailed by Modern Furniture Company. Modern interiors consist of furniture which has a distinct and important function within the space in order to create a clear lifestyle for the homeowner. Also, try to keep accessories and ornaments to a minimum because less is more!

Enjoy Neutral Walls

Over crowded walls with the use of mixed patterned wallpaper or multi-coloured paint ruin the simplicity of the modern interior design style. Neutral wall colours, such as white or magnolia, are the way to go and are ideal to open up the space in your home, giving it a fresh and clean overall feel. In recent years, the use of grey has taken the interior design world by storm, so this may also be something worth looking into. Also, if you’re thinking about using ornate architectural designs such as molding and cornices, don’t – these are unnecessary in a modern home!

Decorate With Modern Art

To add in a pop of colour whilst keeping in with the modern theme, the use of a few select abstract art pieces, either framed or displayed on a wall, in bold colours and unexpected forms are a great way to express yourself whilst still staying on trend with the modern theme.  Why not create a feature wall as a focal point in a room within your home? You can also add accent rugs and certain furniture pieces in the colours red, yellow or blue to contrast with the rest of the still settings and inject a bit of character to your space!

Utilise Industrial Elements

If you’ve got uncovered beams or concrete walls around your home, think about leaving them exposed because the modern interior design style is all about function over form. Also, this interior design style is built around simple, clean lines so many natural states conform to this design, making it easier to achieve this aspect. To draw the eye to these structural details, you may want to consider painting them in a bold contrasting colour.

Have An Open Plan

An open plan home is a great way to promote the modern interior design style throughout your abode and it assists with letting the natural light in to roam freely which gives the space an airy and simplistic ambience to it. Larger windows are the key to this so think about getting bigger windowpanes with little to no window dressings, but be sure to work with some reliable manufacturers of toughened glass with years of experience so your windows are of high quality.

These are just a few basic points to keep in mind when decorating your home using the modern interior design style as inspiration, so be sure to do your research carefully!

Until next time.

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