making your home office comfortable

5 Ways To Make Your Home Office Comfortable

With the recent guidelines put in place to combat the global COVID pandemic, many people have been instructed to work from their homes. Whilst it’s a great idea to stay indoors to protect yourself and others, it may be a little difficult to concentrate for those who haven’t worked from their home office in the past. Well, now’s the time to organise and get comfy in your new work set up, so that you are able to get quickly adjusted. Here are 5 brilliant ways to make your home office more comfortable:

Utilise bright light

Ensure you have good lighting in your home office, because not only will this assist with your concentration, but it’ll also be ideal for your eyesight in the long term. Working long periods of time in a poorly lit area can cause eye strain and be the reason for further negative developments in regards to your eyes, such as loss of eye sight. Making use of either natural lighting or artificial lighting, such as lamps, is the way to go!

Optimise the temperature

Let’s be honest, being stuck in your home office for the duration of your working hours can become quite tedious and tiring. To prevent procrastination and boredom, optimise the temperature to suit your needs, so you are able to keep focused and your working environment stays well ventilated. Opening a window or investing in an air con installation can do wonders for both your health and your home office.

Organize your space

Decluttering your home office should be carried out atleast once a week to ensure the room is kept in an orderly manner. Not only will this help with increasing your productivity but it will also aid with minimising accidents in your working environment. House things like stationery in a desk tidy, with additional stock being kept in a drawer. Important documents can be put away in specific folders and filed away in a pedestal or larger filing cabinet depending on the quantity and security required. This will also help you to locate them easily in the future. Also, consider tying up loose wiring to prevent trips and falls.

Invest in quality furniture

When working for long periods of time, it’s important to pay attention to our seating position, because constant bad posture can cause negative consequences such as muscle strain, which can take a long time to recover from and forcing you to take time off work. Invest in an ergonomic chair and spacious desk to ensure you are sitting comfortably when working and to allow enough space for you to work from. You should also consider the installation of epoxy resin flooring because not only is it durable and long lasting, but it also is low maintenance.

Accessorise & add a personal touch

The good news is that when working from home, there’s virtually no restrictions on how you’d like your working environment to look. Consider adding a few accessories, such as colourful cushions or dramatic rug, to your home office to add a pop of colour. Indoor plants are also another way to accessorise your workspace, whilst photo frames and handmade items can add a personal touch – the possibilities are endless!

There are so many others ways to make your home office more comfortable to meet your needs, but these are a few effective options for the short term. Obviously, as the months go by, you can splurge a little bit more to make your working environment extra comfortable in the long term.

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