design your own bed with yark beds

Design Your Own Bed With Yark Beds

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When it comes to finding the perfect bed for the master bedroom, it can be quite tedious and time consuming figuring out the type of bed frame, the design of the headboard and the overall colour. Add an indecisive spouse into the mix and it becomes a major ordeal! What would be very convenient is for a brand to allow you to create and configure the entire design of your bed from the comfort of your home (tell me I’m not asking for too much). But, with very little retailers offering a service to what I’ve described, or those that do, asking for extortionate prices, it all becomes very easy to just settle onto a standard store bought bed.

So, when I came across Yark Beds, you could imagine my surprise! Not only do they allow you to create the entirety of your bed online through a super simple process, they also offer affordable prices by cutting out all the middlemen – a double win! Select from three sizes (double, king or super king), choose from a variety of stylish headboards and colours and opt for your choice of base (basic, ottoman or drawer) – tada, you have your very own customised bed!

design your own bed with yark beds

Yark Beds also go one step further to retail their very own high quality mattresses and bedding, so you can shop all in one place. And, once you’ve placed your order, simply choose the delivery date according to your availability – I’m not kidding, it’s really that easy!

I personally opted for an Art Deco headboard with a double Ottoman base in a dark grey colour to match the interior of my home. Yark Beds state that their Ottoman bases are raised with two storage boards which sit at the bottom of the base so that nothing inside touches the floor. Each of the bed components are also covered completely in the fabric you choose and there’s no stitching on the footboard either to deliver one seamless stretch of fabric. Thicker foam and weightier fabrics are used to deliver a truly luxurious aesthetic. If you’re opting for a buttoned headboard, rest assured, buttons aren’t just stuck on, but they’re deeply embedded for maximum impact.

design your own bed with yark beds

Yark Beds prides itself in giving their customers total control over every aspect of their bed; from the design of the various components to when and how it’s delivered, ensuring prices are kept to a reasonable standard due to the absence of middlemen. Every bed is provided with assembly instructions, and for the Ottoman base, there’s also a handy step by step video tutorial, so you’re not left baffled!

What’s more is that if you have a specific vision for a bed which is not available online, Yark Beds are more than happy to discuss your requirements, so get in touch to see what they can do for you! There’s currently a 40% off sale online and you can also get £100 off if you buy a bed and mattress together using the code INEEDMYSLEEP. If you’re looking for even further deductions, shop from their sale section and use the code MAY10 for 10% off your order! You won’t regret it!

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