what photoshop is and whats so great about it

Let’s Talk Photoshop

As a freelance graphic designer, Adobe Photoshop is one of my most used programs. I know, that’s a bit obvious, because the Adobe softwares are known to be the holy grail for all digital designers. But, why would I want to pay a monthly fee to be able to use this program when there’s plenty of other similar ones for the fraction of the price?

Adobe Photoshop is great for a variety of uses. From creating animations and gifs to manipulating or creating digital designs. It has so many different tools available. It also has plenty of tutorial videos online as it’s so popular. So, even though it might be a little tricky for beginners to get their heads around at first, it gets easier to use. Besides, it’s simple and clean user interface makes it really difficult to completely mess up! There’s also the option to use third party plugins like magic bullets which helps with colour correction.

However, there is one downside. Resizing images can cause annoying pixels to show up due to the Raster image format. But, this can easily be overcome by using Illustrator instead. This is because the Vector image format doesn’t have the same problem. The performance of the program itself has improved. However, crashes can still occur if the PC can’t handle the file size to be edited. Despite this, Adobe Photoshop is a great software which fulfils all my designing needs. Plus it’s fun to experiment with and learn new skills on the way!

Until next time.