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Creating Jersey Designs Using SVG Cut Files

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It’s important for all of us to take some time out from the day to day madness of a hectic lifestyle in order to relax and recuperate. In the past, I would usually do this by creating digital apparel designs, as it’s a craft which allowed me to unleash my creativity and create visually attractive designs. When I went freelance with my graphic design business, I realised that there was a gap in the e-market for this product, so I started to create and sell personalised jersey designs.

Over the years, as a graphic designer, I’ve come across various file formats when creating digital illustrations for logos, headers or jersey designs. Recently, I’ve been using SVG cut files more and more due to an influx of orders for customised jersey designs. SVGs are also known as scalable XML based vector graphics which allow individuals to create and develop digital illustrations by using simple lines and shapes known as vector graphics. SVG images are also used in scrapbooking, paper cutting and embroidery due to their clear-cut nature with additional options to alter thickness, stroke and colour, which makes them brilliant for detailed patterns, templates and mock-ups.

Many well known softwares, which are used in the creative industry, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator support the SVG file format. Therefore, it is a great feature when creating customised jersey designs. SVG images can also be created and edited using any supported text editor, and free image editing softwares, such as GIMP, may support this file format too, giving users more options for creativity. Furthermore, popular web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome have been developed to adapt to SVG files, so that they are able to load on the browsers in an enriched high-quality view.

The great thing about SVGs is that they can be enlarged or reduced in size, but the overall image quality will never be impacted, so a high standard outcome is always guaranteed. Therefore, using SVG cut files to create jersey designs is an excellent choice, because the graphics will not be reduced to a low quality, even when printed onto fabric. One thing to keep in mind, when creating graphics for jersey designs, is that digital images maybe slightly altered when printed onto a physical location. Therefore, it is an absolute must to use SVG images to ensure that the graphic designs created for jerseys are of high quality and are visually flawless when printed.

For other craft projects, such as scrapbooking, paper cutting and embroidery, this does not only help produce a clean cut outcome, but it also helps machinery, such as laser cutters, to cut around the design with accuracy and speed, which in turn will save time and resources. Another thing to consider when creating jersey designs is that it is important to set the colour mode to CMYK from RGB, as this will prevent colour confusion and provide a design with better colour vibrancy, especially when the final design is printed onto fabric. This is because the RGB mode is designed specifically for digital displays.

Nowadays, there are a whole host of online stores which sell premade design bundles to print onto jerseys or other clothing. So, if you’re not too confident in creating your own on a PC or laptop, then it is worth looking into this and purchasing them for your craft project.

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