choosing the right school for your child

How to Choose the Right School for Your Child

Choosing the right school for your child is quite like an investment. Quality education can set children up for the best chances of success and also help provide a stable and secure upbringing. You will need to make the decision carefully and not rush the process. If you’re a parent currently searching, we have tips from a pre prep school in North London below.

Type of School

There are various types of schools to choose from and each has their own merits. In the UK there are state schools and private schools that require a fee to be paid each term. There’s also the option of boarding which is where children live on campus for the duration of their studies and go home at the end of term. For children it can be an eye-opening and exciting experience as they are able to live with their peers, form strong friendships and learn to be independent. For others the idea of being away from home can be a scary concept and may not be suitable at this stage in life.

Open Days

Going to an open day will help you to get a feel of a school. You’re able to meet teaching staff and see the kind of culture and ethos they have which can help you make a judgement as to whether your child will enjoy their time there. They are also an opportunity for children to have a look around, get involved in the decision-making process and share their thoughts. Exploring the premises will allow your child to become familiar with their new school environment should you choose to go ahead, making for a smooth transition.

Talk to Other Parents

As well as doing your own research, speak to other parents to learn their take. They may have their own experiences to share from sending children to the school you’re considering or points from their research that you may find helpful in making a decision. While it should not be the only factor influencing your choice, you can learn about where their friends will be going to school and ensure that your child has familiar faces around them. 

Trusted Reviews

If you’re interested in learning about others’ experiences, a trusted school review site can be a great way to access a depth of information on the school you’re currently looking at. 


School reports can be good sources of information. ISI reports inspect private schools against the statutory Independent School Standards, while OFSTED reports for schools examine government funded state schools. As they are carried out externally, you can be assured that you’re accessing information that is free from bias, and gain insights regarding student achievement, as well as how individual schools are run.

The Logistics

Transport is a big deal as it’s how your child will be getting to school. When looking at schools, check to see if your child can get there by themselves, if you’re able to drive there okay and if the journey’s realistic for you to do in a morning. Traffic varies throughout the day so it might be a good idea to trial the commute and see whether it’s doable. The same goes for bus and train scheduling. If they are unreliable and don’t come frequently, there’s going to be a problem. 


Sometimes it’s about peace of mind. While a school may seem perfect on paper and the best place for your child, if your gut is telling you otherwise, it’s best not to ignore it. Education is a huge investment, and their school is a place that your child will be attending for several years.

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