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3 Ways To Make Your House Move Easier

Moving house can be a very stressful time and time consuming task, especially if you have many pieces of furniture to shift and multiple belongings to pack in order to transport to your new home. It’s important to ensure the transition from your old house to your new one goes smoothly and nothing gets lost during transit, especially if you have kids, because let’s be honest, things can be ten times more difficult trying to keep them occupied and entertained as well as ensuring nothing gets missed off your to-do list. Here are three ways you can make your house move easy:

Organise and prioritise

It’s important to organise your house move beforehand, because not only will it help you with cutting down unanticipated costs but it’ll also be efficient compared to leaving everything to the very last minute. Be sure to stack up on large cardboard boxes and plenty of sticky tape so you can pack up your belongings in an orderly manner, and don’t forget to label each box so you know exactly which room the items belongs to! If you’re thinking of leaving some unwanted furniture behind, why not consider donating it to charity instead? The British Heart Foundation is a brilliant charity which has a collection service in place to take away your donated items in order to re-sell them to raise funds for their vital work. You can also hire someone like Indianapolis move out cleaning (albeit someone local) to leave your former residence spick and span for the new owners. For important documents, such as passports and driving licences, consider purchasing a lockable storage box to keep them secure, or either enclose them safely in a hand bag which should be kept on you at all times. There are plenty of other resources on the net to make your move more organised including a guide to downsizing your home which is particularly brilliant.

Transport your belongings safely

You may decide to move gradually to your new house over a period of time or you may opt to move house all in one go. For the latter, a removal van should be hired in advance, as bookings fill up fast. Not only will this save you time and prevent you from travelling back and forth on multiple occasions, but it can also ensure that your items are kept safely during transit. Alternatively, hiring a self storage near the location of your new house may be a better option if you prefer to avoid the stress of packing swiftly and the pressure of waiting for a removal van. Renting a self storage, such as Now Storage self storage in Oswestry, can make your house move more relaxed and offer you flexibility as you can pack at your own pace and have the confidence that your items are in a safe and secure location with 24/7 CCTV monitoring and a free padlock to lock your storage room.

Redirect your mail

During all the chaos, don’t forget to update your address with all the businesses and organisations that use your postal address to keep in touch with you. Not only will this ensure that you receive important letters addressed to you at your new house, but it’ll also prevent fraud and identify theft if anyone else gets hold of your confidential information. An easier option will be to set up a mail redirection via Royal Mail, so all your letters are automatically forwarded to your new address; all you need to do is update your address as you receive letters from the organisations and businesses who have your address details. You may opt to use a home setup service like Just Move In which streamlines this entire process and undertakes all the time consuming admin, like informing council tax, finding an affordable energy tariff and searching for the best media packages for you – all you need to do is sit back and relax!

To all those reading this, please send me your best wishes so that my house move goes smoothly!

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