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Five Ways To Take Your ‘At Home’ Workouts Up A Level

Is your nearest gym too far away? Has it closed down? Don’t panic! Home workouts can mean just as great a workout as even the heaviest session in the most well-equipped gym. So whatever your reasons for looking closer at home workouts, rest assured that home workouts can get you the results that you’re looking for from your gym membership.

Not being able to make it to the gym doesn’t have to stop you from getting an amazing workout. Here are some great ways to take your at-home workout to an entirely new level.

1. Have a Dedicated Workout Space

Make sure that you have a space in your home that’s solely used for your workouts. If you don’t have a lot of room at home, remember that the amount of space you need shouldn’t normally be much larger than the size of a gym mat. 

It’s a common misconception that you need a large space for a home workout, but if you don’t have a rowing machine or one of those massive home workout machines, small spaces are perfectly fine for getting your sweat on. Use smart storage options (unused bookcases are a great idea), and if you have the space add a mirror to your workout area. 

2. Mute Distractions

Nothing will stop a workout session in its tracks faster than a phone notification or a family member asking if you need anything. If you’ve motivated yourself enough to get into your workout clothes, then make sure that potential distractions are kept to a minimum.

Let your household know that you’re going to be working out for the next hour, and turn off all of the notifications on your phone. Getting into the right frame of mind for a home workout is essential, and any distraction can cause that focused mindset to vanish entirely.

Make sure that you focus on your exercise goals and get used to switching your phone and other devices to aeroplane mode.

3. Makeshift Equipment

If you’re unable to go to the gym but it’s only going to be temporary, don’t put off your home workouts due to a lack of equipment. Workouts using your body weight can be just as effective for reaching your goals as using that expensive equipment in the gym.

If you’re desperate for some weight training but you don’t have the dumbbells and barbells needed to get your pump on, you can afford to be a little creative. You can even make your own temporary dumbbells at home by grabbing an empty plastic bottle and filling it with water! Remember that one litre of water will weigh 1kg. 

If you want to lift more than 1kg, use some bags with multiple bottles to add to the weight. Who needs expensive equipment?

4. Have an Exercise Plan

Having a plan is one of the most important aspects of any exercise. That plan will make it easier to track your health-related goals. However, make sure that your exercise plan is both practical and not too challenging. This is especially true if you’re new to working out at home.

Even those that have lots of exercise experience can find it more challenging to get motivated and focus when exercising at home. An exercise plan can give you something to aim for, and having goals is a proven way to accelerate progress.

Start with small steps, and don’t forget to celebrate whenever you hit your goals. Build up your exercise plan as you get more used to working out at home.

5. Reward Yourself

If you’ve got your plan all set up, remember to add some attractive (and healthy) rewards for when you hit your targets. Those rewards can be whatever you like, from a new pair of running shoes to a new haircut, so tailor your goals to what you really want. You may also consider a specialist sports massage, such as the ones provided by Total Physiotherapy, a Prestwich Physio clinic.

Motivation can always be a tricky thing to build. If you know that you have a great reward at the end of the hard work then you’re far more likely to slip into your exercise gear and start working out. Make sure that your rewards are healthy and you’ll feel even better about them!

Level-up Your Home Workout Today

It’s all too easy to get demotivated when our exercise habits and routines are disrupted for any reason. Whether you’re new to exercise and have never been to a gym, or you’re a regular at your local gym but have been unable to get there, home workouts are a fantastic alternative. They’re cheaper too!

The most important thing to remember when it comes to home workouts is that the more you focus, the better the effects will be. From improved gains to better cardio, home workouts can be your key to a healthier, fitter future.

Until next time.

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