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Are Your Teenagers Interests Changing? Here Are Some Universal Healthy Activities for Them

It’s easy for teens to get bored and lose interest in things that aren’t online. However, there are some activities that could get them moving again to improve their physical, mental and intellectual health. Here are some universally healthy activities for your teens to try.


Summer and winter camps for teens are perfect for beating boredom during the holidays. Not only are camps fun, but they are also healthy for the body and mind. Summer and winter camps can help teens develop new skills, discover new interests, improve their mental and physical well-being, enjoy time away from technology, build new friendships with like-minded people, and much more. Camps are a universally healthy activity that teens of all ages and interests will love!


Engaging in sports provides many physical, mental, and social benefits for teens which can help them live a healthy life. Studies show that active young people are more likely to report higher levels of mental wellbeing than those who don’t play sports. Whether it’s football, netball, cricket, gymnastics, or badminton, engaging in sports can offer many healthy benefits. Team sports encourage teamwork and help improve teens’ communication skills which can benefit them greatly in future. They also help keep teens active, boost their self-esteem and reduce stress. 


Teaching teens how to cook and get familiar with the kitchen has some incredible benefits for them. When they are involved in the preparation of healthy meals, they learn important life skills that go beyond the kitchen. First of all, it teaches them about healthy eating and can demonstrate how easy and tasty home cooking can be compared to fast food and takeaways. Cooking is also a great skill that your teens can take with them into adulthood. Knowing the basics can help them when they move out and it’ll be easier creating healthy eating habits with the skills they learned in their younger years.


Tending the garden or even growing fruits and vegetables is a healthy activity for teens to take part in. Plant care fosters responsibility which teaches them the value of taking care of things. When they see their plants grow, it imposes a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. gardening is also a relaxing activity that is good for psychological well-being as it reduces stress and depression whilst promoting productivity. It’s also a fantastic way to get teens away from the screen. Research shows that teens who participated in gardening had better mental health than those who don’t participate in home gardening. 


Running is a very healthy activity for teens that comes with a ton of benefits. During teenage years, maintaining physical and mental health can help them establish healthy habits in their adult life which can help them to find success. Running is a great way to do this. Not only is running incredibly good for physical health, but it also helps improve sleep, reduces stress, improve skin, boost energy levels and much more. It’s also a great way for teens to push themselves physically and set goals which can help in other areas of life such as school and work. 


Participating in dance is a great healthy activity for teens of all ages. it helps them develop essential life skills such as resilience, discipline and determination. It also teaches teenagers self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence which can improve other areas of their life. Taking part in dance classes helps teenagers build friendships outside of their friendship group which increases their social confidence. Dance is known to improve moods and dancing just 45 minutes can reduce the symptoms of anxiety by 57%. 


Although this may not be the most fun activity, getting your teens to do household chores is a great healthy activity. Not only does it instil a sense of responsibility and productivity, it’s also a good way to get them moving. Getting involved with the housework is a great way for teens to recognise that they contribute positively to family life and can even set them up for success later in life. Housework can be a habit that carries over to adulthood and will benefit future relationships. 

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