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5 Healthy Grilled Meal Ideas

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Cooking food on a grill is one of the most popular and healthiest methods, as it uses less oil and eliminates the fat content of the food, especially when grilling meat. It is also an alternative way to cook food in a quick manner, so it’s great if you’re short on time. Furthermore, it’s a brilliant way to preserve the flavour of dishes whilst retaining the nutrients of the ingredients. As technology is evolving, food appliances are also being improved in regards to their performance and usage. Therefore, individuals have many options to choose from such as grill size, power usage, outlet methods and whether the grill will be gas or electric. Here are my top 5 favourite grilled meals that I enjoy on a regular basis:

1. Grilled Lamb: Lamb is a great option for meat lovers and it’s especially healthy when grilled. Rubbing some olive oil to the lamb will help improve flavour, and there’s also the option to add sides to the dish such as sauces or salad for an extra kick. It can be easily prepared and cooked, making it one of the most popular meals for a large get together.

2. Rosemary chicken kabobs: Chicken is one of the most common ingredients in grilled dishes. This recipe is great for a quick and easy meal, specifically during weekday evenings. The addition of vegetables and salad make it particularly filling too! Just don’t forget the sauces for that extra buzz.

3. Grilled and dilled corn on the cob: Everyone loves the classic corn on the cob, right? This one’s got a Mexican twist and it’s also a great grilled option for vegans and vegetarians alike! The caramelised corn and briny cheese also packs this meal full of flavour whilst making it super healthy!

4. One dish grilled chicken dinner: This recipe’s great if the last thing you want to do is wash up a whole sink of dishes! It only requires one dish and it’s super affordable to put together, making it great and healthy for a weekday evening meal for the whole of the family. The addition of the veggies makes it both hearty and filling too!

5. Steak fajitas: Classic fajitas with an extra special stuffing of steak – what’s not to like?! It’s also super healthy since it’s grilled, and there’s also the option to alter the filling for vegans and vegetarians alike!

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