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What Are The Main Reasons To Do An Escape Room?

Paying to escape from locked rooms may not seem like an enormous amount of fun. In fact, some might even think of it as a stressful experience. 

However, these experiences are highly rewarding in many different ways. A lot of personal enrichment can be gleaned from these efforts. It’s a perfect example of games providing more than just one-dimensional fun. Keep at it, and you may have the makings of a new hobby in time, one that you can fully sink your teeth into without ever looking back. 

What are the main reasons to do an escape room? Read on for what we think are the main reasons you should consider partaking. 

Friendship and Character

Escape rooms are typically experienced with either friends or family. In some situations, strangers could be present too. 

You’re likely to build a strong rapport with whichever group of people is gathered. You’ll immerse yourselves in a unique, visceral, and shared event. Fun and intriguing anecdotes will be shared long after you’ve escaped the room, and you may even enjoy it so much that it becomes a recurring hobby. 

Moreover, teamwork has more practical benefits to revel in too. It can improve your aptitude for motivation, conflict resolution, creativity, and even risk-taking. Of course, it’s all just a great deal of fun too, and sometimes the simplest reasons to do something are the most resonant. Ultimately, an escape room could be a good chance to do some character work on yourself. 

Themes and Diversification

Escaped rooms aren’t about being locked in a room and finding a key. There’s an atmosphere to enjoy, clues to solve, and even physical challenges to overcome in select iterations. 

Because of the diverse nature of problems to be solved, some existing franchises already suit these wonderful experiences perfectly. For example, Tomb Raider: The Live Experience allows participants to work closely with Lara Croft in a live-action experience, uncovering mysteries with your friends in tow. Main broadsheets have showered this adventure with praise, and you can purchase tickets or sign up to their mailing list for more info online. 

You can become the Tomb Raider or go for something more generic. There are comedic escape rooms, murder mystery variations, and plenty more offerings to explore. Each offers an entirely different take on the experience, allowing you to remain intrigued by this new hobby long-term. 

Control and Purpose 

Some people feel frustrated and impatient when attempting to solve a problem. However, with escape rooms, a sensation of empowerment is more likely to be experienced. 

In 2020, experts attempted to explain the appeal of regular jigsaw puzzles during the pandemic period. Perks like feeling a sense of control, knowing how it will end, and having a clear purpose were listed as main reasons. Of course, all of this also perpetuates a sense of escape, immersing yourself in another mindset entirely. 

All of this can also be applied to the escape room experience. If your life is currently full of stress and concern, then partaking means that you can escape your woes by escaping the room. Instead of feeling helpless, you can become a problem solver for a while. Smart and proactive, instead of stuck and inactive. 

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