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5 Ways To Relax After Hard Days Of Work

Most of you may think working on a freelance basis from my home office may be a dream, but even for me there are days when deadlines are looming and I feel like I haven’t made much progress on anything. I tend to put in extra hours and work til late, but after this I enjoy relaxing. Here’s how:

  1. Have a hot shower – there’s nothing like washing away all the stress of the day under a hot shower. Shower gels enriched with specific essential oils for relaxation are great too; I recommend lavender oil!
  2. Get into some comfy clothes – even though the temptation of staying in my PJs whilst working at home is a strong one, I try not to. Changing into my PJs after office hours lets my brain know to relax and for me to unwind.
  3. Play video games – this is an obvious one for me, but whilst many may argue that this makes them the opposite of relaxed, as a gaming nerd, it’s my go-to for a relaxing evening. There’s just nothing like shooting up zombies or making a getaway in a supercar and it takes my mind off work.
  4. Lounge around in bed – soft pillows, a firm mattress and warm blankets are my idea of an oasis. It allows me to unplug and self-reflect without any distractions, so that I am fully charged for the next day.
  5. Socialise – this is the last on my list because most of the time I’m not upto it. However, I do find spending quality time with friends and family lightens my mood and allows me to enjoy myself away from work whilst also relaxing me in the process.

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