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Delve Into Virtual Reality With the Meta Quest 2

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Virtual Reality (or VR for short) is a computer generated 3D simulation similar to actual life using computer technology to place the user inside the virtual environment in order to provide an immersive experience. It can be accessed using a variety of systems, however the Meta Quest 2 is currently one of the most popular devices on the market to participate in the Metaverse from the comfort of your home.

Tell me more about the Meta Quest 2!

The Meta Quest 2 (formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2) is the most advanced all in one VR system yet. It’s been specifically engineered to allow the user to easily manipulate the virtual environment to explore a firsthand gaming experience with unparalleled freedom. It is equipped with 128 GB of storage space alongside cutting edge specifications, such as the built in motion sensors, Snapdragon XR2 processor (running with 8 cores) and 6GB of RAM. Not only does this provide a better performance, but it also offers stunning next gen graphics, especially when running as a high resolution display.

meta quest 2 VR

The redesigned Touch controllers feature intuitive controls that transfer gestures, motions and actions directly into VR. Moreover, the built in speakers deliver cinematic 3D positional audio for a truly exceptional experience. Whilst there’s no requirements for any additional devices, such as a PC or console, connecting the headset to a gaming compatible computer with an Oculus link cable offers access to an expansive library of over hundreds of PC VR games and experiences – play as your favourite character in a game of choice or get front row tickets at a live concert; the possibilities are endless!

Is it just beneficial for entertainment purposes?

The short answer – no! Whilst the majority of users utilise the Meta Quest 2 for first person gaming, it’s actually a provision for so much more. Professional organisations, such as NASA, have introduced VR headsets for training purposes – for example, live demonstrations help support new recruits to ease into their roles. As the Meta Quest 2 is connected to a Facebook account, there is opportunity to take part in virtual exercise programs (say goodbye to unused gym memberships) and users can also interact with the friends or family as well as make new acquaintances in the digital universe.

meta quest 2 VR

Consumed by wanderlust? Travel the world through a plethora of globe spanning apps without the extortionate costs and at complete convenience! The Meta Quest 2 is also pretty great for kids too; delve into history by visiting Anne Frank’s house or discover the vivid underwater world for a spot of geography, interacting with sea life along the way. Have a budding astronaut? There’s opportunity to experience life onboard the International Space Station! From language learning to biology lessons as well as cooking classes and much more, there’s something to suit all ages and interests!

Is it really worth it?

The Meta Quest 2 is the number one go to when looking for a virtual reality headset. Not only does it provide an exceptional experience through its high performing specifications, there are also no additional requirements for extra devices.

  • meta quest 2 VR
  • meta quest 2 VR

It’s pretty great if you’re not very tech savvy, as everything you need is included in the box and it’s simple to set up. Just connect to a wireless internet connection, link the free Oculus app on your smart phone to set up the VR device and sign into your Facebook account – now you’re good to go! For £399.99, it’s an absolute steal and a supreme investment given the unlimited freedom you’ll have, or maybe you can make someone’s day this festive season and gift them with a Meta Quest 2!

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