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New In: The Best Pest Control Software

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As you all know, I’m a huge tech enthusiast, always reading up on new releases and getting to know various softwares on the market. Well, you’d be surprised to know that I learnt something new on one of my internet searches! There’s actual software created for pest control businesses! No, I’m not joking, and I’m a bit baffled as to how I missed this one, because when it comes to pest infestations, you want to do everything you can to get rid of it. Whether it’s cockroaches, termites, mice or even rats, it’s a common problem that you need to deal with.

There are many pest control specialists who can remove the infestations. However in recent years, due to an increase in pests, these businesses are taking on a larger workload than usual. To make it easier for pest control companies to keep on top of their clients, more and more softwares are being developed, known as pest control CRM software, so that the pest control management team have every part of the procedure covered and the job is done right.

Pocomos is a provider of one of the most advanced pest control software which is available on the market packed with advanced, flexible and user-friendly interface features making it easier and efficient for pest control businesses to keep track of client information, required procedures as well as billing. This software also helps with keeping track of accounts and statistics as well as managing calculations such as sales, revenue and product numbers, with the ability to create e-contracts. The software is also cross-platform friendly so pest control management have full control and access to the database from any supported device making it one of the most useful applications to run a pest control business from.

Pocomos itself has a lot of popularity around its software, having been featured by other popular organisations such as PCT (Pest Control Technology), PMP (Pest Management Professional) and NPMA (National Pest Management Association). Pocomos has a dedicated support line and email provision, so they are always on hand to answer questions or solve any issues.  They also have supplementary social media channels so pest control business managers can keep up to date with the latest news through these platforms. Furthermore, with the availability of a user manual, software guide and numerous Youtube videos, it’s never been easier to operate the software.

Currently, Pocomos offers six different flexible plans with affordable prices available when compared to other pest control softwares on the market. The plans all have unlimited user capacity as well as daily backup to make sure important data is not lost. Free technical support is also available if any issues occur and there’s also access available to the route optimizer and sales tools. Businesses which have 0 to 50 active customers can get access to the tool for a month completely free, which is also another great addition. So, if you currently manage a pest control business, I’d totally recommend looking into this!

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