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Alternative Office Spaces When Working Remotely

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As the growth of the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the need to social distance in order to stop the spread of the virus is becoming more important, therefore most business employees are working from home. Are you trying to configure an office space at home whilst working remotely and finding it hard to switch off when working hours are over? Individuals whom work remotely find it challenging to be more productive at work whilst working from home because of the distractions posed. An increasing amount of individuals are now more dedicated to finding ways to create the ideal balance between their personal and professional lives. Here are three ways you can create your perfect working environment when working remotely:

Garden Office

Garden offices are gradually becoming a trend as they are separate outer buildings, usually found in your home garden. They can be customised according to your needs, from colours, sizes and layouts as well as insulation options. Garden offices are affordable and fast to install, especially as most don’t require any type of planning permission. Furthermore, they can add further value to your property and constructing one is less disruptive when compared to building an extension. The ideal spot for your garden office should be a well ventilated area, quiet alongside plenty of natural light. You should also ensure that your internet connection is viable, especially if you operate an online business. There are plenty of companies which offer various ready built garden offices alongside a free measure and plan service, so be sure to shop around before you buy a garden office because it’s quite the investment and it can be a bit difficult to shift, if you decide you’re not happy with it!

Coworking office space

Coworking office spaces are a modern way to work remotely and for all workers, from big and small businesses, to come together under one roof. When sharing space whilst coworking, you have the opportunity to socialise with others and network as well as learn new skills from one another. One of the best advantages of coworking office spaces is that meeting professionals with the same work life as yourself reduces isolation, and it is especially brilliant to keep you motivated on your tasks and increase your productivity, because there are little distractions compared to working from home. Coworking office spaces are deemed to be cost efficient and most have built in business services such as printing facilities and internet connectivity as well as a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom – just be sure to do your research before your commit.

Flexible workspace

There are many companies who have started to offer flexible workspaces such as Magenta self storage. Flexible workspaces allow you to rent out a private office space for great value alongside fantastic services such as speedy WIFI, free parking for your car or bike as well as onsite storage if you require it. Plus, with flexible contracts and no hidden extras, flexible workspaces really are the icing on the cake!

Whilst there are many other options you could opt for when working remotely, these are the most popular ones right now, and rightly so! Be sure to check out what’s available near you and take it from there.

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