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5 Jobs You Can Do From Home

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In today’s day and age, many individuals prefer working from home – it’s a convenient option if you have other personal commitments, it’s also pretty flexible in terms of when you want to work and it provides a relaxed work setting. There’s also the fact that further costs associated with commuting, lunchtimes and uniforms will be cut. Working from home is especially great for pregnant women or those with young children, as it will enable them to earn an income whilst caring for their young ones. Technology really has made it so much more simpler and easier for people of all backgrounds to complete their day to day tasks from the comfort of their homes as well as opened up doors to so many more opportunities. There are a wide range of jobs available to complete from home, but here are the five popular ones:

1. Self-employed Business

One of the most popular types of jobs which can be established from home is your own business. This is the most productive job and something you will personally enjoy doing as it will be something related to your interests.  A well-known business owner, Chrissy Weems, started her own jewellery business alongside her daughter from the comfort of her home and has since expanded it to a renowned custom jeweller known as Origami Owl. Investing in equipment such as a rolling mill is the first step if you want to set up your own jewellery business. However, if you feel that you are unable to take such a big risk of setting up your own business, you can consider buying a franchise instead – a coffee franchise is particularly profitable demonstrating a commercial success of 96% (3% over the average across all sectors).

2. Support desk

There are many businesses out there looking for individuals who would like to work from home in order to provide support to their customers around the clock, such as answering enquiries and dealing with complaints. These roles are usually known as call centre agents of online chat advisors and most of the time there is usually an interview conducted by phone or webcam so the employer can assess if you are suitable for the job.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has taken off in the last couple of years as it’s a job which requires the least amount of work, but where you need to be able to influence people to buy a certain product or service. You basically need to advertise your referral link and refer customers to purchase a specific product or service, and in return you get paid a sum of money or rewarded with a gift card or so. Amazon is one of the largest retailers which provides this opportunity.

4. Blogger

Being a blogger is something everyone aspires to be nowadays, but what they don’t know is that it takes a lot of time and effort to grow an engaged audience and popular website. Once you get to that stage, there are a whole host of opportunities such as sponsored posts, product/service reviews or ambassadorships. This one’s great to tech savvy individuals as well as those who enjoy creating content.

5. Data entry

If you are a fast typer and have excellent touch-typing abilities, then data entry is the job for you! It basically consists of transferring data from paper copies to computer files for employers so there is a digital record made. It’s great for those who don’t want to put too much thought into daily tasks and don’t mind if there is no variety in their role.

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