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5 Ideal Venues For Getting Hitched

Guys, I’m going to let you in on to a little secret. Just between you and I. I’m getting hitched. No, it’s definitely not a joke! I don’t usually share a lot of my personal life on this little blog of mine, but this was something that was just too big not to share, am I right?! Anyways, I’m currently looking into ideal wedding venues and a possible wedding singer in Yorkshire, however there are others which have caught my eye, so here are the ones that have made the shortlist:

1. Abbeywood Estate

This one’s a great outdoor venue with breathtaking views and I think it would be perfect to exchange vows with the Mrs with a scenic backdrop. This venue has a flower and gift shop on the grounds which specialises in supplying English-grown cut flowers and theres also the option for an overnight stay at the accommodation provided. Another good thing about this venue is that you can put your decoration ideas for your wedding such as flowers, table decorations, signages, etc the way you want to be arranged. And if you want to go to a modern themed wedding, well you can definitely display your wedding hashtags that will be visible and usable to the guests. I just need to hope the weather turns out good on my big day, if I opt for this one!

2. Hedsor House

Hedsor House is a dream, guys. It boasts two lavish halls, each catering to a specified number of guests for the big day. I absolutely love the architectural designs of this venue and the surrounding areas are absolutely fantastic too. Plus, with the booking, my guests and I will have exclusive access to the whole house, which is a major pro for me!

3. Cain Manor

This one’s a country house built on its own private land with forests surrounding the location; sounds like something straight out of a fairytale, right? Cain manor provides both indoor and outdoor ceremony availability alongside a bridal suite and accommodation for guests. Additional services are also accessible such as in-house catering, live music and leisure facilities. What makes this option great is that I’ll also have personal wedding planning provisions on hand depending on the package I purchase!

4. Tunnels Beaches

Tunnel beaches is one of most unique wedding venue locations I’ve come across and it’s fast become one of my top picks. I mean, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the warm sand under their feet with the picturesque sunset whilst exchanging vows? If I choose this location, I’ll have to hope it isn’t too windy or pouring down with rain. But then again, Tunnel Beaches also offer fully furnished indoor venues fully equipped with light, sound and PA systems. Catering services are also accessible for things such as BBQs or a small selection of delicate canapés and refreshing drinks as part of a package!

5. Birtsmorton Court

Birtsmorton Court is a charming moated medieval manor located on its own private land based in the West Midlands countryside. It features stunning grounds, a beautiful White Garden and an onsite church alongside a bridal suite and accommodation for guests. There are both indoor and outdoor ceremony locations available, but the ones which stands out to me are the light and airy marquee as well as the barn filled with fairy lights, perfect for an evening reception! It truly is something special and I really feel like I’m edging towards this one…

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