37.5 mattress from hugh beds

Introducing The 37.5 Mattress From Hugh Beds

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You’ve probably already seen that I’ve recently kitted out my master bedroom with a new customised double Ottoman bed frame from Yark Beds. But, when it came to shopping for a mattress, I was spoilt for choice. Having tried and tested many different brands and types in the past I was after something a little more padded and luxurious, whilst offering a temperature control element. If you’re currently in the same situation as I was, say hello to the 37.5 Mattress from Hugh Beds!

Hugh Beds is a small UK business specialising in manufacturing mattresses which alleviate specific sleep problems. So, whether you have night sweats, muscle or joint pains, or simply want to create the optimum surroundings for quality sleep, Hugh Beds is sure to have a mattress for you. They also offer free sleep consultations and a 30 night trial as well as a 10 year warranty and free delivery to anywhere in the UK – what’s not to love?

37.5 mattress from hugh beds

Onto the mattress itself, the 37.5 refers to the optimum core human body temperature for healthy sleep according to scientific research. Our bodies naturally start to cool down as we prepare for sleep, but environmental temperatures can disturb this balance. Therefore, creating the right sleep environment is essential in order to function. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as adjusting your thermostat, wearing your pyjamas (cotton ones are supposedly the best for a good night’s sleep), getting into comfy bedding and investing in a temperature regulation mattress, such as the 37.5 from Hugh Beds.

It’s particularly important to help your body regulate your core temperature during night, because during REM, your body stops regulating body temperature, and so, the need for regulation in external temperatures increases. Getting this right will ensure you have little to no disrupted sleep, so you’ll experience less daytime sleepiness and exhaustion.

The 37.5 mattress achieves an optimum temperature for effective sleep by the 8 different layers it is made up of alongside the edge to edge support. Did you know the 37.5 technology used in this mattress is used by renowned sportswear brands? Therefore, you’re guaranteed to benefit from a sleep surface that is breathable, regulates temperature, is comfortable next to the skin and regulates the microclimate as you sleep.

37.5 mattress from hugh beds

If you’re still looking for more practical ways to regulate your body temperature whilst you sleep, here are some small changes you can make today.

If you tend to sleep hot:

  • Encourage airflow by keeping doors or windows open
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol or large meals before bedtime
  • Don’t exercise before going to bed
  • Use moisture wicking bed sheets and pyjamas to help you stay cool

If you tend to sleep cold:

  • Layer up with warm pyjamas and as many blankets as you need
  • Keep your feet warm with socks
  • Turn up your thermostat up
  • Use a personal space heater if you’re sleeping with a partner

If all still fails, be sure to consult with a sleep specialist or seek medical advice if you feel that your disturbed sleep may be due to an underlying medical condition.

Until next time.

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