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3 Uses For T-Rex Tape Around The House

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T-Rex tape is the perfect multi use item for any craftsman or homeowner. T-Rex tape is designed to be extremely strong and waterproof making it completely versatile and a great tool to have in your cupboard or toolbox ready to tackle a number of projects and unexpected situations. The double-thick, super-aggressive adhesive offers superior hold on many more surfaces than other tapes – including dirty and rough surfaces. I was surprised at just how many functions this tape has and wanted to share them.

Holding in leaks

When you own your own home a leak can be one of the scariest things to come home from work to. After turning the water off at the mains, the next thing you need to do is stop the leak in its tracks by covering the crack or hole with some T-Rex tape. This will stop the water from continuing to spread over your carpet limiting the damage and cost of the repairs.

Fix household items

Ever been mid spring-clean when your hoover tube decides to develop a large hole meaning the suction no longer works? Yes you guessed it, I took the T-Rex tape from the cupboard and simply taped over the hole allowing me to continue with my deep clean. Three months later and I still have not had to get a new hoover!

Take it on your adventures

T-Rex Tape is specifically designed with UV-resistant materials, which give the tape its famed holding power – inside or outside in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels. This makes it a perfect tool to take with you on your outdoor adventures such as camping or hiking. You can use it to fix your broken tent pole or cover a hole in your walking boots. We have seen photos of people that have made full on plates and spoons from their T-Rex tape – the possibilities really are endless!

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