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Yacht Charters In San Diego Bay: How To Get in Touch Book Your Trip

Whether you are just visiting or living in the San Diego Bay area, you may be looking for new activities and adventures. You may not have considered on-the-water activities, such as a bay cruise or private boat charters. Consider these tips to create the best boating experience.

Determine Your Desires

Your first step is to determine what you are looking for in a boating trip. Do you want to charter a private yacht? Should it have a motor or sail? Do you want it private, only for you and your guests, or are you willing to experience the water with a tour group?

You should also consider the time you hope to charter your yacht. For example, do you want a dinner, sunset or sunrise cruise? Then, be specific about the type of activity you desire. Finally, count how many people you want to include in your charter.

Find Your Nearest Charter Location

Your next step is to search out charter companies in your area. Find charters that can accommodate your party and those that have availability. You should know their distance from your current location as well. Some companies offer charters in multiple locations.

Check each company’s customer reviews and ratings. Ask the company for references and your friends or hotel staff for referrals on the best company to charter.

Available Activities During a Yacht Charter

You should also discuss the available activities with each charter company. For example, some companies may specialize in public or private blue whale watching southern California, while others may focus their business on parties or corporate events.

You should have written down your desired experience, so find the charter company that offers it. However, be flexible because you may find another activity just as exciting.

Before You Book

Before you book your charter, you should make sure it is a safe, legal service. For example, request copies of the captain’s license, such as a Merchant Mariner’s license from the Coast Guard, and find out about their safety and emergency training. Find out whether the company drug tests its employees, especially the boat captain.

Also, inspect the vessel for their inspection certificate. Discuss the company’s safety tutorials and when they are presented to the passengers.

Booking Your Charter

Most charter companies offer significant information about themselves and their services online. You should even be able to see the yacht’s interiors and exteriors. Many also offer online booking. However, you should be able to book when you visit the charter company to check out their yachts and licensing as well.

If you want a specific yacht, an agent may have to contact the owner to ensure it is available for your charter, so be patient and have a backup chosen ahead of time. Be sure to detail the event or experience you expect on your application/rental form so that the captain and company understand your desires and can evaluate their ability to meet them.

Creating the best on-the-water experience requires a little research and due diligence. As you search for reputable charter companies, avoiding Illegal charters, you should find the yacht, company and event that will meet, and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Until next time.

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