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Reinventing Your Family’s Winter Wardrobe

It’s time to get your wardrobe sorted in preparation for the coldest season of the year; you guessed it, winter is upon us! Whilst the beautiful crystal snowflakes and cool, grey skies make an incredible sight, the chilly temperatures can have you running for some warmer clothing to keep toasty warm.

It’s especially important to purchase high-quality clothing which lasts a considerable amount of time, because not only does it make a great investment and help you save money in the long run due to excellent performance even after continuous usage, but it’s also planet-friendly as less fabric ends up in landfill sites! Nylon, polyester and faux fur are my top picks as not only are they brilliant for to withstand the harshest of winter chills, but they are also breathable, ensuring that you don’t get too hot and stuffy in your outfit!

Here are some wardrobe staples every member of your family should have this year:

For the men:

Whilst a stylish coat or jacket is pretty much a must have all year round in the UK, every man should have a cable knit crewneck in their winter wardrobe, because not only is it a great piece to layer for formal events, but it also makes the perfect lightweight top to keep warm in the colder temperatures for casual wear. A basic pair of black jeans is brilliant to wear with pretty much anything, no matter your style, and it’s a versatile piece for any occasion, so this is another staple every man should have in their winter wardrobe!

For the women:

Classic trench coats and cosy wool coats are pretty much a norm for all year round in a women’s wardrobe in the UK (yes, my Mrs tends to wear one come rain or shine!) However, sweatshirts, like the ones from She Wears All, are the ideal staple for the winter wardrobe, because not only are they lightweight and warm, but you can dress them up or down for any occasion – whether it’s your daily 9-5 grind or a fun get together with the girls! Also, be sure to pull on your boots; there are plenty of styles to choose from including stylish knee-high boots, classic Chelsea women’s heels (including chunky block heels) as well as ankle biker boots – you simply can’t go wrong with boots in winter!

For the kids:

For your little ones, a waterproof, hooded jacket is the ultimate wardrobe essential for winter (especially if you don’t want to go on the hunt for a misplaced hat!) One with a fleece lining is particularly great to keep their little selves extra cosy and warm during the chilly temperatures outside. Besides the essential outerwear, such as a scarf, gloves, snugly socks and durable shoes, a chunky knit jumper or cardigan is a wardrobe staple as they’re ideal to completely transform a summer/spring outfit to an autumn/winter one! A pair of warm pants are also a must have, whether it’s denim jeans to go under a top or warm cotton-nylon blend/wool leggings to match up with a dress, there’s truly something available for every winter outfit.

For the fur babies:

You didn’t think I’d forget, right?! Let’s be serious, our house pets are practically family and we can’t live a day without them! For the pooches, be sure to invest in a waterproof dog jacket to keep them warm from head to toe; not only are these breathable but the interior is also lined with a soft polyester fill ensuring they stay dry, warm and happy outside! As for the felines, well, they pretty much have a mind of their own (and will most likely end up pulling their outfit off!) But, if you really want to treat them, then opt for a luxurious cat bed, because let’s be honest, that’s where they’re going to be spending most of their time anyways!

Hopefully, this super simple guide has provided you with inspiration to curating your winter wardrobe for this year – now let’s hope we have some snow!

Until next time.

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