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Decor Ideas For A Traditional Living Room

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With so many different décor ideas floating around, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the type of interior design style you’d like to opt for your living room. Do you go for modern, contemporary or minimalist? How about deciding between eclectic, bohemian and art deco styling? There’s just so much information out there, it is easy to get confused. However, by going down the traditional route, things get a whole lot easier! 

The traditional interior design style revolves around creating a timeless charm to create the ultimate place centred on relaxation and comfort in an elegant surrounding. With this interior design style, there’s also a whole host of prints and neutral colours to choose from to create a luxurious air in your living room! Here are the most popular ways to inject a traditional feel into your living room.

Mix & Match Neutrals

When it comes to the traditional interior design style, layering a mixture of neutral colours will set the backdrop of your living room and have a huge impact on the way the room feels. Stone-based shades and warm colours are the way to go for a sense of timelessness.

Furnish With Antiques

To create a truly traditional look in your living room, using finely crafted antique furnishings with the maker’s stamp using a signature branding iron, such as lamps or coffee tables, can be a great way to inject personality and character into your living room space. If antiques are out of your budget, you can opt for other pieces with a period aesthetic, such as a traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock, which are vintage timepieces complete with a rustic charm and hand detailed engravings. Having a cuckoo clock also creates a centrepiece that ties the room together and is even a conversation starter when having guests over.

traditional interior design style

Use Prints

For a traditional interior design style, the use of prints is particularly important to envisage luxury and elegance. Whether it’s classic floor to ceiling curtains or sofa cushions, the use of archived prints, with velvet or embroidery, is brilliant to add a traditional touch to your living room – think bold chintz and large scale florals.

Choose Striped Upholstery

For sofas, footstools or armchairs, a striped fabric is perfect to continue with the traditional interior design style. Whether it’s stylish, wide stripes you opt for or rustic French ticking, striped upholstery is sure to create a calming appeal to your overall living room.

Opt For Versatility 

Traditionally, living rooms were used for family and friends to gather around and enjoy each other’s company. So it’s important to have a range of seating options available that can be versatile for a variety of uses. For example, footstools and pouffes can be used occasionally to make room for additional guests, while window seats can cater to a wider gathering. Plus, both these offer a cosy air to the room when not in use. 

traditional interior design style

Combine Different Fabrics

Layering a range of fabrics and textures adds a timeless elegance to a living room. However, it’s important to note that to achieve an ideal harmony and bring together a scheme, the process should be organic. Floorboards can be kept in their original condition or painted white, or even better, stone flooring is brilliant to keep the room bright. This can then be balanced with ceramics or wicker furnishings. There are a plethora of ideas on how you can get this balance right, so it’s worth researching what works well and what doesn’t. Pinterest is your best friend and Flooring Hub is a brilliant resource for expert advice and guides!

Create A Focus

For a homey feel to your living room, it’s ideal to have a fireplace that also doubles as the main feature. Whether this is an impressive marble surround or an inviting stone inglenook, a fireplace is a perfect highlight to include when decorating your living room for a traditional interior design style. Place your cuckoo clock above the fireplace or a vintage-looking mantel clock to tie it all together. 

Add A Feature Rug

To bring together the design of your traditional living room, a feature rug is great for injecting a splash of colour. If you get bored of it at any time, it’s also easy to replace, without having to blow your budget.

If you’re looking to decorate your living room using a traditional interior design style, then hopefully this post serves you with the initial steps to get started.

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