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How to Create a Stylish Home Office

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Whether it’s a corner of your living room or a purpose-built garden room, these tips from Lawsons will help you to create the stylish home office you deserve.

The number of people in the UK who work from home has seen a huge increase in recent years. Of course, a large part of this increase is down to improvements in technology, allowing people to literally take the office home with them! However, most UK homes are not renowned for their spaciousness, so working out how to maximise your working space, without affecting the rest of the family is a bit of a conundrum.

Many people will simply take over the smallest spare room and call that the office; but what if you don’t have a spare room? What if there seems to be no room anywhere in the house? That’s certainly been my problem recently when downsizing to a new home (yeah, blame the rising living costs!)

This is where you need to get creative. Have a really good look at the space inside and outside your home. Some spots can often go overlooked when it comes to creating a home office, such as under the stairs, large cupboards, sheds and conservatories. The possibilities are truly endless, so think outside the box!

You might not instantly think “office!” when you look at your garden shed or indeed, your cupboard…but, with plenty of timber and some imagination, you can create brilliantly versatile working ‘nook’ rather than a large office. Trust me, you definitely don’t need an entire room for your professional life – I work from the comfort of my bed whilst the rest of my workspace is housed in a simple lockable cabinet, which also doubles up as a stylish sideboard in the room!

Cupboards can be easily converted into offices using smaller ‘knee-hole’ desks and even sheds can be made into comfortable offices with the addition of good insulation and an artistic eye. Furthermore, with the right interior furniture, you can easily convert a dusty corner of your home in to a compact and stylish workspace!

If you’re wondering what to do with all the ‘stuff’ you’re going to evict from the cupboard or shed, then you may need to first invest in some clever storage options. Take a look at Lawson’s range of specialised garden storage options, such as ‘clutterboxes’ or garden chests. Otherwise, there’s always the option to rent out an external storage space which not only provide constant surveillance but also offer insurance to keep your belongings safe.

Don’t give up on your work-from-home ambitions; look around…is there a decently sized spot around your home or garden for you to claim as your own? Every home has one…you just need to find it! And, if you’re still struggling to find one, then there are plenty of more alternatives when you need an office space for remote working; from leasing co working spaces and socialising with others in the same boat as yourself to splurging on a garden office in your home!

Until next time.