Stay Cool with Elegear Bedding

Stay Cool with Elegear Bedding

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When the warmer temperatures arrive in the UK, I’m always dreading night times. I already have low levels of Vitamin D (like the majority of the British population) so my joints are left aching and restless. Add some humidity and sticky bed sheets into the mix and you’re probably going to suffer from anxiety with the thought of sleeping again, come night!

However, thanks to Elegear, I’ve finally found a solution to my problem and it might work for you too! Elegear are an innovative home goods brand specialising in high quality home products, specifically the Arc Chill Cool Tech Collection. They pride themselves in ensuring you and your family live and sleep comfortably without the added stress of extortionate prices and have a core concept of “Stylish and comfortable living at affordable prices”.

Stay Cool with Elegear Bedding

My initial thoughts

The team at Elegear kindly sent me the Grey Cooling Summer Pillowcases, White Fitted Sheet, Gray Revolutionary Summer Cool Duvet and Stripe Gray Cooling Blanket. Upon opening each of the packages, I was very impressed with all of the products – they both look and feel of a high quality standard (way more than what they are priced at!) and I could instantly tell that they would last me many years to come.

The subtle striped design in both the duvet and cooling blanket really stood out to me and looked strikingly similar to what you would usually find in luxury French bed linen. The pillowcases were also incredibly soft and comfortable alongside the fitted bed sheet. However, onto the cooling aspect of this bedding set, did it live up to my expectations? Absolutely – it actually exceeded my expectations!

Stay Cool with Elegear Bedding

So, what exactly is Arc Chill Cooling Technology & how does it work?

Arc-Chill is a revolutionary high-performance functional textile made with conductive cross-section polyester fibres and jade particles, which wick away humidity from the skin, accelerate moisture evaporation, absorb excess body heat, and produce a feeling of coolness and freshness. Jade fibre products also can help to promote metabolism, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue and relax muscles. Putting the natural mineral stones directly into textiles is one of the foremost methods to develop health-promoting textiles. 

What are cooling levels & how do I choose the right one?

Arc-Chill products are divided into 5 cooling levels according to different Q-Max values. Q-Max is the peak value of heat flux which flows out of a copper plate having a finite amount of heat into surface of fabric after the plate contacts the fabric surface. This property is used to estimate the thermal sensation when skin touches fabrics. A higher value of Q-Max means that there is more rapid movement of heat from the body to the fabric surface resulting in a cooler-feeling fabric.

The pillowcases, fitted sheet and cooling blanket all have a Q-Max value of 4 whilst the duvet has a Q-Max value of 5 making it one of the products on the extreme end of the scale and a must have for those who like to stay extra cool during soaring temperatures. The other products work well alongside the duvet so your body stays consistently cool no matter your position.

Stay Cool with Elegear Bedding

On a final note

If you struggle to sleep and find yourself lying awake due to poor temperature control in your bedroom, then these products are a great investment. Not only are they of a high quality and have a stunning aesthetic, but they are also budget friendly!

Until next time.

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