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The Art Of Slowing Down In Life

It seems life is pretty hectic for everyone these days and days are passing by in a blur due to the many commitments we take on board each and every day. It’s stopped us from being able to appreciate the present and savour the small precious moments in life. It feels like there’s too much to do and 24 hours in a day is just not enough. As it’s men’s mental health awareness week, it’s particularly important for us all to do our bit in order to remove the taboo around speaking out on how mental illness can affect men too. Did you know suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under the age of 35? It’s also quite alarming to see that men are more less likely to access psychological therapies than women! If you feel like you’re stuck in an endless vortex of work and no play, here are some changes you can make today:

Do less

The first step to slowing down is by decreasing the amount of activity you partake in each day. Write a list of everything you’ve committed to and decide which tasks are compulsory and which you can probably let go of – that appointment with your GP is important for questions you need answering on your specific health concern, but maybe you can cancel your attendance for that high school reunion you’ve got coming up! Just remember: you don’t need to say yes to absolutely everything.


Let’s be honest, it’s really difficult to have some solitude in this world of technology. But, putting the phone away, deactivating social media accounts and just being present in the now makes a huge difference. It’s also pretty great to give your mind a rest and aids with sleeping better, especially with the negative news flooding our timelines nowadays! If you feel like you need some help with airing your feelings, consider therapy via a registered and accredited counselling service such as The Awareness Centre – it’s an investment you won’t regret.

Appreciate nature

If you find yourself working most of the time, then you really need a change! Maybe go for a walk during lunch and get some fresh air. Sit in a park to hear the birds chirping or even start gardening in your spare time. It’s a known scientific fact that being in nature is greatly beneficial for our wellbeing, specifically mental health – so what are you waiting for?


If you’re an extrovert, then you’re in a pretty good position to go out virtually anywhere and hang out with some old friends or make new acquaintances. However, for introverts this may be a little difficult. Not to worry; even spending quality time with your family can do wonders for your mental health, so consider doing more of this! Organise entertainment nights where you can play board games, order a takeover and just chill in front of a movie.


Sometimes it’s difficult to slow down when there’s so much to do in so little time, but it’s important to learn to just take a deep breath and release all the tension building up inside. It’ll bring you straight back to the present and give you a clearer head. Journaling and meditation are quite useful tools to aid with this, so consider each of these carefully and apply one to your lifestyle – it’s sure to change your life. If you still feel like you need additional support, please get in touch with a health professional who can signpost you to various services that could potentially save your life.

How do you slow down?

Until next time.

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