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Which Finger to Wear a Signet Ring

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Which finger do you wear your signet ring on? If you’ve got one, maybe you have a favoured finger for such a responsibility. If you’ve never worn one, check out the various customs and traditions associated with signet rings.

Signet rings were most traditionally worn by men of significant power. The earliest signet rings served a dual purpose. Not only did they show everyone else how important you are, but people used them to sign and seal documents as well. That way, nobody can claim to be you without your unique seal. It’s unclear which finger these signet rings were worn on, but they were certainly somewhat bulky things.

Over time, however, signet rings became more streamlined. Often, they featured family crests or individual initials engraved in place of the large seals that were the original stars of the show. These simpler rings were worn by kings, lords, barons, and other men of great prestige. Gentlemen of such stature to own a signet ring wore them on the little finger of their left hand.

Like all good traditions, this wearing style has lasted forever, essentially. Signet rings only stopped being worn on the little finger of the left hand when they stopped being worn all together in the midst of the 20th century. The fashion at the time was looking toward the oncoming 21st century – a new century and a new millennium – and was therefore more than willing to ditch anything that felt old-fashioned.

The 21st Century

In recent years, it seems the lustre and shine of the new millennium has worn off somewhat. Tech still rules the world, and that’s wonderful, but it has made people look to the past in a new way. Those looking to feel grounded to something turned to old fashions and styles. Bringing vintage styles into the modern world is a fun way to explore trends – as well as learn something interesting about the history of fashion.

Today, signet rings are worn by men and women. Even better – you don’t have to have any specific power or title to wear a signet ring anymore. What was once the tradition of business magnates and heirs of all kinds is now the everyman’s accessory.

Some men – and women – are still wearing signet rings on the little finger of their left hand, harking back to the long history of the piece. Others, however, have been putting their own twist on the style. It’s a popular choice for many women to buy oversized signet rings – particularly vintage signet rings – and wear them on the index finger of whichever hand is dominant as a statement piece. Some examples of signet rings even feature gemstones like diamonds and opals, making them pop even more!

Which Finger Should You Wear a Signet Ring on?

You might be asking yourself, if you choose to explore signet rings yourself, which finger you should wear it on. It all boils down to who you are and what you want of your signet ring.

Let’s check out some options.

If you’re a gentleman looking for understated style, then go traditional and wear your signet ring on either of your little fingers. The look is almost literally timeless, and men have been rocking it for centuries. If you don’t care to join a league of stylish gentlemen, then wearing your signet ring on another hand is very rebellious and cool too.

Signet rings can be a replacement for wedding rings if you want to go against the grain. Find a signet ring with one or two gemstones and you’re really in the money! For gentlemen, a signet ring wedding ring can be a great alternative, whilst also providing you with the beginnings of a family heirloom, should you choose to pass it on one day.

For the ladies who want a new kind of accessory, wearing signet rings on the index finger is a fun way to explore the style. If you want something a little more subtle, consider wearing a slimmer signet ring – you can buy slimline ones made for ladies these days – on the middle or third finger. You could even get one embellished with your initials or a family crest of your own design. Personalising your signet ring is a sure-fire way to guarantee that you’ll love it and treasure it for a long time.

All in all, it doesn’t matter too much what finger you wear your signet ring on. There are rules about how to wear one, as well as who can wear one, but in this day and age, rules are made to be broken. Wear it how you want, whoever you are, and do what makes you feel best. Happy styling, everybody!

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