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Refreshing Your Business Brand

For many of us, the start of a new season brings an air of pleasure and opportunities. Optimism for growth and success abounds as new desires for the remaining half of the year begin being executed.  This also creates a chance to improve your business branding as well. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t normally consider their branding, which leads to a stale and outdated feel to their aesthetic. Every business can see price in making easy updates to better their brand with the constantly evolving perceptions and values of customers. Here are some handy tips to freshen up the branding of your business:

Update your communication

One of the most common ways for a business to cultivate their branding is by their means and tone of communication. Statements made by the business articulate what the brand stands for and also assist in conveying a certain impression of the business to the target market. The tone of communication should stay consistent, however the means for communication should be diversified. Consider email marketing as well as using new forms of social media in order to better signify your brand. It is reported that there are billions of people on social media globally, so there’s never been a better time to get social!

Leverage new methods to promote your brand

As previously discussed, if you are not currently using social media, create a strategy to advertise through social media – you may wish to hire a social media specialist for this. You may also wish to explore alternative avenues, such as email marketing, as it is considered the second most effective medium for building brand awareness by small business owners. If you operate a retail store and find it is one of the most successful ways for you to create sales for your business, you may wish to think about investing in the design and installation of a specialised concept store to catch the attention of existing customers as well as invite potential new customers.

Review your online visuals

Visual media plays an important factor in attracting the attention of a relevant audience, therefore review your business website and social media channels to consider whether you should leverage new images to better symbolise your business. It is estimated that TikTok is the third most downloaded app with over 1.5 million downloads worldwide and 60% of marketers cite content marketing for sales success. Therefore, considering this, you may choose to hire a photographer/videographer for the creation of personalised social media content as well as a website designer to create a completely new look for your business landing page, or you may choose to simply opt for a new logo and theme colour – the choice is yours! Just bear in mind that it reflects your business ethos and appeals to your target market.

Whilst these are just three ways to refresh your business brand, there are many other alternatives to update the way your business is portrayed in public to the target market in order to increase business growth leading to business success.

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