Opt For Quickstep In Your Current Home

Whilst some opt for buying a new home, some look to spruce up current surroundings should they ever need to find themselves waiting for the market to settle enough to be able to move. In the meantime, everyone is getting used to that luxury home working too.

People are looking for sustainable flooring that can last longer and withstand the constant use that working from home entails. Which is the best product within the popular vinyl flooring market to make our home something new and exciting? A lot of people point towards Quickstep vinyl flooring.

Light and Dark Woods

Exploring the potential of a more natural environment for your floor opens up an eclectic range of luxury vinyl flooring. Light woods for a back-to-nature feel or dark woods for that piece of sophistication, the many palettes available to give a new look to the home certainly are vast.

Even if you find yourself wanting to mix your styles to showcase different rooms, the option to mix and match your flooring and give a different livelihood to each room makes wood effect vinyl a very sought-after product.


Choosing the stone look doesn’t mean your home would look cold and colourless. It provides a very relaxing atmosphere.

Stone-style vinyl flooring offers a more secure and protected layer than having real stone throughout your space. With wide ranges between concrete, clay and graphite designs you can perfectly replicate beautifully laid flooring without that constant threat of chip or crack with everyday use – or exposure to varying temperatures.

If you are wanting to replicate an industrial feel for the home or give your living room a more classical heritage feel, Quickstep vinyl flooring gives you comfort and warmth with a design usually accustomed to a cold interior.

A Cost-Effective Option

Luxury vinyl flooring is not just an easy-to-install option, but also a cost-effective alternative over securing and maintaining the real thing.

The easy-clean design and protective safeguards within vinyl provide a much more preferred product over a demanding carpet, reducing most costs of cleaning products and eliminating the wear and tear that a carpet would take over time. Not requiring countless chemicals to clean up a spill or imprint from accidents in the home saves you money and time. 

There are many different types of vinyl flooring, such as grey herringbone vinyl flooring, on the market suited to your tastes and needs. Consult with a supplier on the many ranges to choose from to find the perfect fit of Quickstep vinyl flooring.

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