Playing Contact Sports

How to Take Care of Yourself When Playing Contact Sports

The best alternative to watching a sport is to be one of the people on the pitch playing it. Contact sports are exciting to watch and to be involved in; however, they can also be incredibly dangerous. For instance, you will often see rugby players having cuts sewn up at the side of the pitch after receiving a nasty blow that has caused a gouge or a split above their eyes, but these are not the only injuries that can occur.

Here is a guide on how to take care of yourself when playing contact sports.

1. Take time to follow the correct procedures 

When you are getting ready to play a contact sport, it is important that you take the time to warm up properly before you enter the pitch. Warming your muscles can help reduce the likelihood of muscle strains, amongst other injuries, and it is important to realize that with contact sports, you are going to be using more than just your legs; in fact, the whole body is involved. 

When you have done your spell on the pitch, you should also take the time to cool down properly. Stretching out after your on-pitch workout will help your body recover from the exercise, and stretching also reduces muscle soreness and helps the healing process start.

2. Invest in the proper safety gear

It’s no secret that contact sports are a dangerous pastime, so you should ensure that you obtain all of the safety gear that you need in order to keep your body as safe as humanly possible. 

Don’t feel intimidated if your teammates have chosen not to wear the correct safety items or, for that matter, feel that you have to follow suit. Look after yourself and your own well-being, and let them look after themselves. 

3. Learn the risks involved when tackling 

It is important that you learn the risks behind tackling and that you take on board the correct way to tackle an opponent. Accidents will inevitably happen, but the severity of the outcome may be able to be reduced. For instance, if you get tackled in the wrong manner, you could find yourself with a life-changing injury that will affect everyone around you. 

A spinal injury, for instance, could leave you paralyzed either partially or completely, depending on whereabouts the injury has happened. There is, of course, spinal cord injury treatment available to you from specialist clinics, and their services could bring a ray of light to your otherwise shattered world. 

Nobody can predict what you will go through if you suffer from this kind of trauma; however, the effects are certainly going to be more than just physical – they are going to affect your mental state as well.

Final thoughts

Although it is important to play and enjoy contact sports, you should always make sure that you look after your health and well-being both on and off the pitch. Life can change in an instant, whether it is yours, or that of a teammate or an opponent. Know what you are doing when tackling, beware of the risks involved to you and those around you and always play safe.

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