PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker

How the PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker Can Help Protect Your Electronic Gadgets

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With a whopping £600BN being spent on consumer electronics annually, including 60% of these sales coming from the purchase of smart phones, it’s no surprise that this industry is forecasted to grow by 1.1% in 2023! However, with rising inflation and increased living costs, only 45% of adults in the UK have insurance cover to protect their devices and it is expected that many will be looking to cancel or downgrade their gadget insurance cover in the coming years. So, how can one secure their personal electronics whilst keeping their spending low? The answer to this is investing in the PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker (4G) – let’s take a look into it, shall we?

What is the PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker (4G)?

PAJ is Germany’s renowned personal tracker brand with vast experience in GPS tracking and it’s gradually making waves across the world! The GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker readily includes a SIM card to ensure connection to the most optimal 4G LTE network available in over 100 countries, so you can easily track your personal belongings in real time using the FINDER portal. It can be used with all your electronic gadgets as well as other items such as E-scooters, suitcases and more!

PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker

Tell me more about it!

The PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker (4G) is a mini model, making it both light and comfortable to carry around. It’s also waterproof according to IP65 and it has a large SOS button for easy use in case of an emergency. The highlight of this tracking device is that it can pinpoint a precise location (approximately to five metres) making it easier to find your belongings! It also has a battery life of seven days, with an active tracking time of one hour per day and up to fourteen days in standby mode (without deactivating alarms and other functions).

What’s in the box?

The PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker (4G) comes in a sleek box alongside a charger and adaptor as well as a USB cable bag (including a lanyard). It also has a M2M SIM card which is already inserted into the tracking device. Access to the FINDER portal is available on a paid subscription basis.

PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker

How does the subscription work?

There are two inclusive subscriptions available to purchase at a budget friendly price:

  • A monthly subscription for £5.99 PCM
  • A yearly subscription for £54.99 per year
  • A two yearly subscription for £89.99 every two years

What are the advantages of the FINDER portal?

A subscription to the FINDER portal will allow you to locate and track your device from wherever you want. The FINDER portal will enable you to easily activate a series of alarms, including low battery, speed limit and entering or exiting a predefined safe area set by you. The FINDER portal also visualises travelled routes in the last 100 days using information analysis of either date and time, speed or location making it efficient in tracking down your belongings.

PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker

On a final note

If you’ve got a valuable you really want to protect but don’t want to splash out on expensive insurance, then the PAJ GPS Easy Finder Personal Tracker (4G) is for you! Not only is it more affordable, but it’s also lightweight and comfortable to carry around. Furthermore, with the FINDER portal, you can track your belongings with a touch of a button!

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