nextbase dash cam 322GW

The Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam

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The 322GW Nextbase dash cam is a great little gadget for your automobile with its quick and easy setup to make your car journeys as safe as possible. It captures at full HD resolution and is equipped with a 140 degrees wide-angle lens. The user display is a 2.5” IPS HD touch screen to ensure ease of use and navigation when navigating through the menu and for high quality playback user experience.

The 322GW Nextbase dash cam also has an inbuilt unique parking mode feature which monitors the vehicle when left unattended and an emergency SOS system which alerts the emergency services and also provides the current location of the vehicle using its inbuilt GPS & WiFi technology. It also comes with the clever G sensor technology which measures impact to ensure protection of recorded files so that they are not over-written as well as having the ability to use the AutoSync feature to easily share videos to your smart phone.

The actual size of the dash cam is small enough to fit on the palm of your hand with its sleek and compact design so it’s sure not to get in your way or cause any distractions whilst driving. The dash cam also comes with everything needed to install it in your car as well as a USB cable to connect to the PC in order to transfer video files.

With an affordable price in accordance to it’s amazing specifications, the 322GW Nextbase dash cam is sure to become a competitive rival to any other dash cam on the market!

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