Host the Best New Year's Eve Stay-At-Home Party

How to Host the Best New Year’s Eve Stay-At-Home Party

There is normally a lot of pressure surrounding the New Year celebrations because everyone wants to have a fancy and exciting start to the new year. Not to mention the fact that many people believe that the way it begins sets the tone for the whole year ahead, so preparations for it are essential. The reason why there is so much pressure around it is also because most bars and restaurants which offer celebratory packages are always booked up much in advance, leaving people who have left the organisation till the last moment without many options. 

The truth is that as long as you have your close people around you on the day, the venue is not as important as having fun and creating a party which runs on your schedule rather than anyone else’s. Having said that, you will have the ability to organise all the fun yourself and accommodate everyone’s needs. However, just because it’s a stay-at-home party doesn’t mean that you will only get a few drinks and some snacks. On the contrary, you could create an unforgettable experience both for you and your friends or family which matches the energy of an organised event. The only difference is probably that you will end up saving a lot of money while still managing to host the best New Year’s Eve stay-at-home party. 

Property experts from the online estate agent House Sales Direct have compiled some tips and tricks on how to prepare and organise for a New Year’s Eve party while also considering things such as the music, invites and theme. 

Party Invites

Nothing sets the tone like a proper invitation so if you want to exceed the expectations from a stay-at-home party, then designing and sending a real invite either through post or in person will make your party stand out from the very start. 

If you design your own invites on free design platforms like Canva, you will spend very little on printing services, but what you will get in return is much more valuable. You will ensure that the tone of your party is set as a proper celebration of the new year. Also, it’s the perfect way to inform people of a specific dress code, theme and remind them if they should bring something with them. 

Set a Theme

A great way to involve everyone is by setting a theme for the party in advance. If everyone is dressed up and has put some effort into their costumes, it will give it that exclusive, fancy vibe which mimics a real party. Whether the theme is all black, Gatsby or something as simple as everyone wearing sunglasses can make people feel involved and will contribute to a more fun atmosphere. 

Get Decorations

To help make the party look and feel complete, you must ensure there are festive decorations all around. Anything from balloons, table settings and props will add that extra touch to your celebration. It’s important to remember that matching the theme with the décor is essential and it will help create that perfect ambiance. Whether you want to keep it simple or be bold with the decorations, make sure you have the right crowd for it. You would also want to contrast the evening by mixing formal and casual perfectly so that the party has a fancy but fun vibe. 

A pro tip for anyone organising a party in their own home is to avoid any glitter or confetti as these are extremely difficult to clean up. 

Create a Playlist

One way to ensure you are fully prepared is by creating a festive playlist in advance. The right music can do wonders for a party. If there are tunes which get people excited, dancing and having fun, then your party will be a success. Carefully thinking and adding songs to your New Year’s Eve playlist will ensure that you are ready to surprise your guest with nothing but the best tracks. It’s also really important to be able to take song requests as if you are the actual DJ. That is something which is hard to do at an organised event, so it’s a massive perk for your stay-at-home party!

Organise Activities

One way to break any uncomfortable silence or tension between guests is to think of icebreakers. Fun activities to break up all the eating, drinking and dancing would be really nice to keep everyone entertained. For example, you could have everybody write down their resolutions and then guess who wrote which or any drinking games could be equally as good for an icebreaker. 

Think About Food and Drinks

Whether you are planning a full sit-down dinner or simply some canapes, you should ensure everyone is being fed and there won’t be anyone complaining that they are hungry. Some party bites are the easiest way to provide food without having to cook much as well as cold appetizers which are everyone’s favourite for snacking. It’s important to remember that late-night snacks are just as essential as the rest, if not even more. People get really hungry once they have had some drinks.

That brings us to the beverages. A nice touch would be to have a welcome drink for everybody on arrival. Having non-alcoholic options is also vital so don’t forget the orange juice and coke. When it comes to people making their own drinks, you might want to avoid crowds in the kitchen and set up a bar cart in every room so that people could have an easier way to make their own beverages. 

Lighting is Key

The importance of lighting in a home cannot be stressed enough and especially when it comes to occasions like New Year’s Eve. No party is ever in a bright setting so it’s worth dimming the lights or if that’s not possible, you might want to add some fairy lights around to set the festive mood. 


Pictures on your phone cannot compare to physical copies of photos that you can hold and store somewhere. That is why creating a space where people could take some pictures and create memories is going to add that extra, special touch to your party that will make it unforgettable. Whether you set up a photobooth or decorate a corner and provide an instant camera, the mementos that your guests are going to keep will always remind them of that awesome New Year’s Eve party you hosted. 

Therefore, just because you will be spending your New Year’s Eve staying at home, you can still make the experience just as memorable as an organised event, and even more. 

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