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A Man’s Guide To Good Health

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Health is an important factor for the human body in order to live a long and sustainable life. However, it all comes down to an individual’s daily routine and habits; the quality of consumption, duration of sleep and efforts in physical exercise are major factors which contribute to their health. Research entities such as hospitals and marketers have pointed out that men’s overall health status is worse compared to women. So, what can you do, as a man, to help improve your health?


Having a balanced diet aids the body in gaining the correct nutrients as food and drink is one of the main ways to fuel your body. Vitamins and minerals make up vital nutrients which help to strengthen the bones, prevent malnourishment and support the body’s immune system in order to recover faster against ailments and diseases. It may be worth cutting down bad habits so try ditching the booze or limit your smoking. Taking a blood test via your general practitioner can help identify the levels of certain nutrients in your blood stream as well as pinpoint what may be impacting your health in regards to any noticeable symptoms. Multivitamins for men can be purchased over the counter or requested as injections through your general practitioner which are used to boost specific nutrients within your body and contribute to your overall wellbeing.


It is important for men to monitor their hormones as they have a significant effect on the overall quality of health. Hormonal imbalance is quite a serious issue and can affect many different areas of your body, such as a reduction in muscle mass and hair growth as well as feeling fatigue and infertility. To help normalise hormones, it is important to have plenty of exercise, prioritise protein, fat and carbohydrates in your diet and get plenty of sleep.


Staying active and having some form of physical activity in your life is another essential for a man’s good health. If you can’t manage to hit the gym every day, a simple jog around the block still works wonders – your body will stay in shape and it will also improve your cardio levels as well as blood circulation which will strengthen your heart and lower the risk of heart disease. Exercise is also a brilliant way to enhance your mental health; it increases self-esteem and can reduce stress or anxiety by stimulating the production of endorphins. This brings me onto the next point…

Mental Health

A stable mental state has a positive impact on overall health. However, statistics have shown that men are unwilling to talk about their mental health issues in the open due to the traditional societal expectations. From one man to another, if you’re struggling with your mental health, talk to someone who is mature enough to understand your struggles and who you can trust to help you (tip: you’re never too old to need your Mum!) Also, try to find opportunities to socialise, pick up a new hobby or partake in leisure activities – these will all help to keep your mind occupied and prevent it from negative thoughts. But, if you do find yourself unable to cope, please seek advice from your health practitioner as soon as possible! And remember that self care is not just the reserve of women. In fact, making the decision to ask for help could be the most pro-active, positive, life-changing thing you do all year.

Remember, private counselling isn’t just for times of trouble. Talking through your thoughts and feelings with a qualified counsellor can really help you get to know yourself, what makes you happy, why you react negatively to certain situations and how to build your self-esteem for a more successful life. It can make all the difference, resulting in more fulfilling relationships and career prospects.


Let’s get real, we’ve all gone through all-nighters, whether that be for binging a TV show or gaming on your console! Less sleep can have a negative effect on your health as it helps to regulate your hormones as well as the metabolism. In order to get a better sleep, it is important to set a schedule for an evening routine which may include turning off your electronics an hour before bed, having a hot shower to relax you and listening to soothing sounds when you’re trying to nod off in bed. If you still feel like you are struggling to sleep, please seek medical advice for sleeping aids or further investigations into an underlying condition which may causing you broken sleep.

So, since men’s health is supposedly declining over the years, it’s now more important ever to get serious about your overall wellbeing. It’s never too late, so start today!

Until next time.