give your pooch the best life

5 Tips To Give Your Pooch The Best Life They Can Have

Seeing your four legged friends happy makes you happy. Your pooch seeing you happy makes them happy. But the trick is keeping them happy and sometimes it just isn’t that easy. Here are 5 tips to keep them happy and make sure your pooch is living their best life.

Start With Food

What you feed them can determine what kind of mood they will be in. You don’t like it when you burn your food, or your delivery gets messed up. Dogs are similar.

Giving them the same food every day will bore them eventually. At the same time, you don’t need to give them something different every single day. Just switch it up every day or two and keep them well fed.

Also, try to avoid processed foods as much as you can, and go for raw dog food alternatives instead. It is much better for your furry friend!

Take Them To Dog Meets

This is a great way for you to socialise your pooch around other dogs in a friendly, fun, inviting environment. It gives your dog a chance to play with the other dogs and find some friends.

It also doubles up as a good way for you to meet new people too!

Overall, keeping your dog well socialised will make sure that they don’t feel too lonely and have some local buddies that they can play with when going to the nearby park.

Try A Variety Of Toys

Every dog will have their favourite toy. For some dogs, it’s a blanket they have had since they were a pup, for others, it’s a stone they found on a walk. But it is nice to give your dog some options.

Try getting them a new toy every month. It doesn’t need to be too expensive either. It can be something simple like a chewy bone or a squeaky toy.

Be sure to regularly re-cycle the toys your dog doesn’t like or use.

Try New Activities

Just like hobbies are important for us humans to stay entertained, so to do dogs need ‘hobbies’ in a sense.

If you search your local area you will find all kinds of different activities that you can take your dog to. Most of these activities will be run by local groups, some might be free, some not.

We are talking about things like water aerobics for dogs, agility courses (they aren’t always competitively based), rallies, and so on. If you are uncertain where to begin looking, your local kennel is always a good place to start.

Take Them On A New Walk

This will keep their mind engaged at the moment and exploring never before seen territory for them. To them, a new walk is like a holiday – a chance to try new things and have a new experience.

And you don’t need to take an excessively long walk, just a different route that is unfamiliar.

In Summary

There is so much that you can do with your dog and this short article has only scratched the surface. Go out there, get creative, and have fun!

Until next time.

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