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How To Get Your Fashion Mojo Back After Over A Year Of Lockdown

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Due to the ongoing pandemic which has been raging across the globe and causing international lockdowns, it has become quite a norm to stay indoors leading to an almost non-existent social life for many of us. Of course, throw in some pyjamas into the mix, and you’ve probably lost all fashion credibility! But, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these tips to get your fashion mojo back:

Get outside

Since we’ve been stuck indoors for so long, the pretty obvious thing to do would be to get outside and embrace the fresh air! Take a stroll around the block and take in your surroundings to get back your inner confidence and kickstart your mojo. But don’t forget to wrap up well, because Winter is upon us! This Easy Days Hood is a versatile, heavy wool, fleece-lined hoodie incorporating a funky pattern, contrast panels and rugged canvas trims, perfect to take things slow.

Wear your style

Curate your wardrobe according to the style you feel most comfortable in as this will help increase your confidence and help you feel relaxed in your attire. Also, remember to stop comparing yourself to others and trying to fit in with the crowd because it will be a waste of both your time and energy as well as cause you to spiral into a world of self doubt, low self esteem and depression. So, do what you feel is best for you and what makes you happy! This Old School Vibes and Frontier Riders tees are totally up my street and are ideal if you like comfortable, graphic t-shirts with pops of bold colour and a graded finish for a lived in feel.

Accessorise smartly

One of the great aspects of fashion is that even the simplest of outfits can be jazzed up with some attractive accessories, so invest in an elegant designer watch and consider the type of footwear you’ll be pairing with your outfit. Moreover, investing in high quality pieces will always save you money in the long run because they include a better design, durable fabrics and are pretty much well structured too so they last longer!

get your fashion mojo back joe browns

On a final note, always be confident and comfortable in what you wear, because even if you don’t feel particularly great, having a positive visual about yourself is always a good start!

Until next time.

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