decorating for an upcoming celebration

Decorating Your House For An Upcoming Celebration

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Summer is on our doorstep which means friends and family will be able to get together again to enjoy the warm weather and take pleasure in each other’s company after nearly 6 months of social distancing and lockdowns due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. There may also be parties hosted to celebrate belated birthdays or a lockdown wedding, which means decorations will be unboxed or newer ones will be bought depending on the theme. I know I’ll be busy organising my niece’s 3rd birthday celebration in the Summer (and hopefully I’ll have fully shifted to my new home!) so I’ll be utilising my garden space for an epic bash. If you’re in the same boat as me, here are some tips for decorating your house for an upcoming celebration:


The location of your upcoming celebration is the most important aspect of deciding the décor, as it’ll help you assess where and how you’ll be decorating. The garden is a top rated space for any occasion, but be sure to check the weather forecast, so you’re not disappointed! Garden spaces can be decorated with balloons, flowers and lighting. There’s the option to add a drinks bar or food truck! You can also choose to rent out an outdoor igloo or elegant tipi for added luxury. If you opt for an indoor party, be sure to have a spacious area for your guests (an open plan living room and dining area works best!) For indoor celebrations, a flower wall installation or photo booth is a must for those IG-worthy snaps!


Let’s be honest, themed-celebrations are on trend right now, plus they make decorating a whole lot easier! As mentioned before, garden celebrations have a lot more options; you can choose to have a relaxed BBQ, a fun picnic or a regal banquet! The BBQ is probably the easiest (and most affordable option) – simply fire up the grill and put together a buffet table! Sparklers are great for a BBQ themed party, especially in the evenings, but if you want to add a little extra oomph, you can hire out a firework display. If it’s a picnic you’re choosing, an outdoor igloo or tent is a great option. Grazing boards make pretty good finger food and a candy floss machine can be hired for dessert. Picnics are pretty versatile in how they’re decorated too; balloons, banners or fairy lights! For a regal banquet, an afternoon tea is the perfect way to celebrate. Lanterns can be used to light up the area and banners can be displayed. For indoor parties, banners and balloons are pretty much a go-to decoration, balloons can be personalised or styled a certain way, whereas banners can be customised with a wide range of fonts and designs. For example, for general family get-togethers, there are many family svg designs to choose from or if it’s your grandma’s birthday, there’s plenty of grandma svg designs to choose from too! Table spreads can also be themed from napkins to paper plates as well as place cards.


Now, let’s get onto the best bit! Since, technology has improved over the last couple of years, so many new forms of entertainment have come into place and it’s what dominates many of the celebrates these days! Card games top the list if the celebration will consist mainly of adults. But, there’s also the option for mini golf, a fire performer or rodeo hire! For young adults, a virtual reality experience will probably go down well or maybe hire out a magician for an element of surprise. For younger kids, an inflatable bouncy castle is a go-to (and it’s something I’ll personally be hiring for my niece’s party!) However, there are other options such as face painting and balloon modelling. Some of these options are pretty great for indoor parties as well, but for some you may need to step outside!

Now, let’s hope these restrictions don’t go on for too long, and we can enjoy this Summer and celebrate all we want!

Until next time.