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5 Ways I’m Thinking Of Decorating My Apartment

In my 22 years of living on this planet, I’ve moved from place to place an approximate number of 10 times. I know, that’s probably a lot compared to most people (and no, I’m not some kind of undercover agent, lol). Mostly, it was a decision made by my parents for better opportunities in terms of jobs and education, so I do understand that. But, now that I’ve finally flown the nest and started to settle down into an apartment of my own, I really want to make it feel like a home; a stable place where I know I can get comfy without worrying about having to pack up again. However, one thing I do want to begin to promote in all aspects of my life is conscious living.

Conscious living is the act of being more aware of the activities we do and how it affects the environment around us, rather than simply carrying out day to day tasks out of a conditioned habit or sudden impulses. Personally, I’ve never been an over-spender and prefer to stick with the basics, so I don’t think this will be a major problem for me. However, I do want to look at ways I can introduce conscious living into my life which will benefit the local community, the wider environment and small scale businesses.

Here are a few ways I’m going to decorate my apartment:

  1. Create a white base: The colour white opens up the space in a room and makes it seem larger than it is. It’s also a vibrant colour with plenty of versatility, so there’s a huge range of decorating possibilities.
  2. Add a pop of colour: To minimise expenditure on additional home decor pieces and to create a punchy mood, the flooring will most likely be a darker tone. Mustard coloured carpets for the living room and bedroom alongside black vinyl for the kitchen and bathroom will contrast against the white walls nicely. Carpet tiles also seem to be a budget friendly option from places like http://www.carpettilewholesale.co.uk/!
  3. 50 shades of brown: Incorporating various textures with upcycled wooden furniture and natural soft furnishings in different shades of brown will create a warm ambience and add a cosy air to the rooms, whilst maintaining a perfect balance between colours and helping to reduce excess waste. Plus, natural fibres are a lot more eco-friendly than the cheap polyester available in most high street stores.
  4. Plants all the way: Utilising the garden centre for locally grown flowers is a sustainable form of conscious living, as it’ll mean there’ll be minimal carbon emissions, no residual chemicals and high quality blooms! Plants also help to clean the air and can make the apartment a healthier space of living.
  5. Art frames & wall stickers: To add a bit of personality to the apartment and to keep clutter to a minimum, art frames and wall stickers are a great option to decorate the walls. Commissioning a small time artist to create something unique or purchasing from a small business, such as Apex Stickers, is a brilliant way to support local creators and spend ethically.

Until next time.