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A Dad Joke A Day ft. Daddilife

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Whilst scouring the net for toddler activities to do with my niece, I came across Daddilife; a community specifically created for dads to come together and discuss all things parenting. Now, even though I’m not a dad myself (yet!) I pretty much play the role of a father figure in my niece’s life. Therefore, much of the time I’m left cooking in the toy kitchen absentmindedly or having my hair brushed by my very own personal hairdresser (read: niece).

Recently, I started to get bored with the tedious cycle of playtime with my niece, so a few minutes quickly turned into a few hours in which Daddilife taught me the importance of fine & gross motor skills, tuff tray ideas (I’m definitely going to be trying out the car park one!) as well as tips on how to incorporate active play into daily life (my niece likes to keep me on my feet all day, so this one’s a win-win). It’s a definite must-read site for all dads out there (or those playing the role of a father figure!)

dad joke father's day

Well, Daddilife are continuing to strengthen the bond between father & child and taking it one step further by releasing their new book: A Dad Joke A Day – Over 365 of the best most exceedingly cringe worthy dad jokes for kids. It’s pretty much the ultimate Father’s Day gift this year, and it’s a great way to elicit eye rolls and set off giggles for every single day of the whole year, creating plenty of family fun!

It also makes for an interesting read by explaining the science behind the dad joke as well as providing a step by step guide for dads to sharpen their joke telling skills; whether it’s for a wedding speech or to cheer up your little one, the tips are on point to become the dad joke teller of the year! The layout of the book is also brilliant and easy on the eye; written in a calendar format, there’s a new dad joke to induce awkward laughs and exasperated tuts on the daily (including leap years!)

dad joke father's day

For only £7.99, it’s an absolute steal and a great way to bring the family together (even if it does cause annoyed glances and exaggerated sighs). If you’ve got a kindle, it’s currently free, so grab it today!

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