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Why Your Small Business Should Make The Switch To Compostable Packaging

With global warming increasing at an alarming rate in recent years, many individuals are considering alternative options in day to day life in order to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more conscious life. Whether that be giving up the car to cycle to work instead or switching up personal care products by removing plastic bottles and trying out plastic free alternatives, there’s pretty much an substitute for nearly everything these days in order to go green! Even major brands and large corporations are facing pressure to do more for the environment by consumers, so if you’re a small business owner, using compostable packaging for your products could be the first step to becoming an environmentally friendly business – here are three reasons you should make the switch today:

It is eco-friendly

Compostable packaging is made from plant-based and recycled materials making it eco-friendly packaging by reusing waste which in effect helps the environment by reusing materials which would normally be left in landfill sites. Compostable packaging requires less carbon to produce compared to traditional packaging. It also does not produce toxins when deteriorating, so it does not leave behind any harsh waste for the environment to deal with, especially in landfill sites. Small businesses should switch to compostable packaging for shipping purposes because not only will it product the products from damage, but it can also be recycled or reused by the consumer in the future. This is beneficial for the eco-system because, whether the compostable packaging is re-used or simply disposed of in the garbage bin and left to decompose, there will be no leftover waste, so it’s a win-win situation.

It offers competitive advantage

Although compostable packaging is a little bit on the pricier side compared to average packaging materials (which are not very good for our planet), small business owners are guaranteed an expansion in their consumer base in the long term when making the switch to this alternative for their products. This is because nowadays many celebrities and high profile influencers are endorsing a greener way of living, therefore using compostable packaging will appeal to the public and help your small business gain further traction which will lead to an increase in sales due to the majority of individuals being concerned about their carbon footprint and wanting to live a conscious life. Compostable packaging is ideal for a range of different businesses, for example restaurants and takeaways can make the switch for packaging their food, whilst small retailers can offer compostable paper bags when packing items at the checkout. The great thing with compostable packaging is that, whether it’s recycled or disposed of in a general waste bin, it will break down in a non-toxic manner leaving nothing behind.

It improves soil structure

Don’t let the cost of a few extra pennies dampen your support for a greener planet! Compostable packaging is beneficial to the environment in more than one way; not only does it reduce the amount of carbon produced and waste in landfill sites as discussed previously, but it also helps reduce the risk of flooding as it decomposes leaving nothing behind, so sewage pipes aren’t clogged up. The use of compostable packaging also positively contributes to the UK government’s ‘plastic pact’ so pollution is reduced in the air and ground water. It also helps provide the soil with nutrients once it is fully broken down.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch today!

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