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5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Festive Toy For Your Kid This Year

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When it comes to shopping for a festive toy, it’s pretty difficult to figure out where to start, especially if you’re faced with dozens of aisles with a variety of toys lining the shelves! With new toys continually hitting stores throughout the year, including limited edition models, there’s so much to choose from in time for the most magical time of year. Personally, I prefer traditional wooden playthings as not only do they last long but they also are pretty great for our planet too, but if you ask my niece, she’d disagree; which is why I’m often left scratching my head when it comes to special occasions (I’m sure many of you can relate, right?!) Well, not to worry, I’ve got you covered, so you’re able to choose the perfect festive toy for your child this festive period – read on to find out how to decide on the perfect gift this year:

Make sure it’s popular

The first thing to ensure is that the toy is the latest must-have because not only will it score you some brownie points amongst the young ones, but it’ll also become their most prized possession, so you’ll know it’s money well spent. There are plenty of places to find out which toys are trending this year, such as social media. This Smart Ball seems to be selling out fast because not only does it light up but it also counts your keepy uppys for you!

Will they learn from it?

You must be thinking, is a toy which my child likes really going to help them learn? Let’s be honest, the last thing your kid will want is their home to turn into a classroom! But, believe it or not, even the most useless of toys can provide an educational experience for their little minds. Roleplay can help unleash their creativity whilst slime and kinetic sand can provide them with hours of sensory play and motor skills! Even this Sureshot Handbow pack can cultivate their coordination skills, so be more open to their idea of toys.

It needs to last…

With the ongoing pandemic and declining financial forecast, spending our hard earned money on a festive toy or two is probably the last thing we want to do, right? But, since the festive season is upon us, gifting adds to the magical feel, so if it’s a durable plaything, it’s a total win-win for both parties! It’s why I prefer traditional wooden toys, however if your child doesn’t lean towards this and would like something more modernised, then make sure it’s quite compact, so it can take a few scratches and falls, such as Quizzie, the cheeky robot who squirts water if you answer its questions incorrectly!

Will they know how to use it?

If you’re three year old wants that super complicated drone, then forget about it – it’s why toys come with age ranges because the last thing you want is your kid to become frustrated from trying to interact with their new toy! Therefore, craft kits or board games are pretty fail safe, but if you’re after something more exciting, the Hexbug Fire Ant is cool and comes with a simple remote control, perfect for any age!

Make it mobile

If your kid actually loves the toy you purchased them, they’re probably want to lug it around with them everywhere! This is particularly great as a distraction tool when you’re out and about running errands or on a long car journey – but this also adds another problem to the mix; is the toy you’re thinking of purchasing mobile? Thankfully, with fidget toys ruling the popularity contest, you’re not going to be short on ideas – how about this Pyraminx Puzzle or the cool glow-in-the-dark Push n Popz Bubble Fidget Toy?

On a final note, with so many toys on the market, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re after for your kid – this can be especially true if you’ve got a bigger budget for the festive period, so be sure not to spend it all in one go!

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