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7 Amazing Care Home Residents & Their Stories

Did you know that there are currently more than 408,000 individuals living in care homes on at least a part-time basis? Thanks to modern innovations, these facilities can provide rewarding experiences as well as the chance to enjoy the later years of life. Let’s take a look at seven inspirational stories to appreciate why assisted living has never been more satisfying. 

Jacqueline Tajah Murdock 

Mrs. Murdock initially began dancing at the age of 17 and she was highly successful throughout her career. However, age no longer allowed her to remain as active. Thanks to the inspiration provided to her by care home professionals, she instead chose to become a model. This dream was realised in 2012 when she was chosen to display the fall collection of clothing offered by designer Lanvin. 

Rhona Handcock 

It is no secret that care homes offer their residents access to some of the latest technological innovations. This was great news for Rhona Handcock, as she was finally able to write her memoires even though she was nearly blind thanks to a slightly modified computer. 

Barry Ward 

Communication is essential at any age and it represents one of the mainstays of the assisted living community. One example involves an elderly gentleman named Barry Ward. Thanks to regular sessions of tea, he is now able to relate his life stories to younger generations. This helps him to remain active while providing inspiration to others. 

Barbara Handlesman 

Dementia affects many individuals as they begin to age. However, it has been shown that actively engaging in conversation can help to stave off some of its most debilitating symptoms. Barbara Handlesman was provided with regular opportunities to speak with her grandson. This helped to strengthen their loving bonds while providing her with an outlet to relive her younger years. 

Gertrude Rodowski-von Känel 

This next care home patient was born in 1911 and she lived through the turbulent years associated with the Second World War. Thanks to an initiative associated with Swiss care homes known as the Museum of Living Memories, she was able to retell her rich (and sometimes turbulent history); offering a unique window into the past. 

Jonathan Randall 

Mr. Randall was initially hesitant to enter into the assisted living community and therefore, he became quite withdrawn. The fact that most of his friends had already passed away was yet another concern. However, he soon learned that age was not necessary to make new acquaintances thanks to the open nature of modern facilities. to appreciate the possibilities, feel free to discover Eastleigh care homes in Devon or to contact one of our representatives. 

Leonard Lowell 

Perhaps the most famous story involves Dr. Malcolm Sayer; a doctor who realised that it was possible to treat care home residents affected by a disease known as encephalitis lethargica with a new novel drug prescription. This was the exact same basis for the 1990 film Awakenings starring Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams. While DeNiro’s character (Leonard Lowe) was a fictional name, it was indeed based off of a real person. 

As we can clearly see, modern care homes do indeed represent a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

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