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Five Strong Reasons Why Your Car Needs An MOT

If you are one of life’s natural rebels who loves to question authority in all its forms, then you might query the need for getting your car MOT tested every year. But sometimes bureaucracy does work properly and there are many strong reasons why your car needs its MOT. Here are just five of them:

It’s Over Three Years Old

All UK cars over three-years-old need to be MOT tested. Originally, the first test only looked at vehicles that were older than ten years old; but so many of them failed that the time limit was gradually reduced to three years. This is the point when new cars lose that new-car strength and begin to develop problems, so it is vital to have your three-year-old car tested so that any potential issues are picked up and sorted out promptly.

It Keeps You Safe

MOTs are all about roadworthiness, and if a failed test prevents you from being on the road and unable to get out of the way of other road users, should your car break down suddenly, then that is a success, even if it feels like an inconvenience to you at the time.If you need a test, MOT in London is available at DAT Tyres – get your vehicle approved now.

It Keeps Others Safe

On the other side of the coin, should your vehicle be unroadworthy, that means it will potentially be harder for other drivers to see and avoid it. This is why brakes and lights are tested – to ensure that you are seen by other road users in good time to avoid a collision.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The MOT test is continually improving and adding to the checklist. The most recent addition is tyre inflation levels, but in the 90s and 00s emissions were added to the list, in a bid to reduce the harmful fumes spewed out by the millions of exhaust systems on the UK’s roads every year.

It’s the Law

Finally, it is the law to have a valid MOT certificate. Without it, you risk incurring a large fine, and possibly even losing the vehicle which could be sent away for crushing.

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