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A Guide to Starting a Car Dealership Post-COVID

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Have you wished to start your own business since the end of the COVID pandemic? Perhaps you have a passion for vehicles and long to be your own boss? Well, marry the two and you could be the proud business owner of a successful car dealership! What’s more, after a year or so of uncertainty with how certain businesses will last during future pandemics, one thing is clear – there will always be a need for automobiles. Therefore, this can be a smart investment.

Running any small business, however, can be quite difficult. You will need to ensure that (like any business), you go about starting it properly. This means finding investors, creating a business plan, having the correct insurance, and acquiring a suitable space to run the business from as well as hiring dedicated employees who can make a difference.

Read on for advice on how you can start a car dealership and be the owner of a successful business.

Create a Business Plan

All businesses need a plan, otherwise they will have no goals to work towards and can lose track of the direction they wish to move towards. Having a five-year plan can be essential as it is your roadmap to business success and can also help you secure funding as well as investment opportunities. A business plan can also list off all your expenses so that you know the exact figures and how much your business needs to make for it to turn a profit.

A business plan should always express your business idea, the potential your business has (as well as any potential problems you may run into), as well as your business goals. You should use your business plan as a way to measure your business’s progress.

Creating a business plan, however, isn’t always easy. Therefore, you will need look up guides on how you can create one that is in-depth and clear. Click here for advice on how to create a good business plan.

Know Who Your Competitors are

As a car dealership, you are most likely going to have local competitors. This means you will want to take a look and see what they have to offer their customers and how you can compete. For instance, what is your unique selling point? Do you only sell luxury cars? If so, then this may be a key marketing point for you to latch onto and utilise.

Head online and look at their website and see what offers they have. Compare them to yours and if you are able to, create your own that offers something a little bit extra. You should also see how they are using social media. Does their social media reach their target market well? And if so, you should take a page out of their book and see how you can appeal to your target market through Twitter.

Another thing to consider is the site you will be housing your car dealership on in comparison to your competitors; an unkept and dull setting will most definitely deter any potential customers whilst a modern, clean aesthetic alongside functionality will attract the right market and make you more sales! Therefore, it’s important to prioritise your customers’ comfort to enhance experience, arrange good lighting to reinforce quality perceptions and use a colour scheme which compliments your cars to create a visually engaging atmosphere.

Discreet safety and security measures should be put into place as not to interfere with aesthetics, so opt for line marking paint as a means of signage on the ground rather than obtrusive placards and remote monitoring systems alongside access control, alarms and CCTV with night time vision. These measures can also be extended with the use of forecourt bollards, guard railings and perimeter fencing.

Acquire the Right Insurance

You will need to ensure that you have the right insurance for your car dealership, such as insurance that will protect the building, your staff, but also the cars. You will also need to purchase the correct motor trade insurance from a trusted comparison website such as Quotezone. By doing this, you can see which quotes are best suited to your business and ensure that you are getting the right one without you overspending. Quotezone will show you the cheapest motor trade insurance they have so that you can make the best decision.

Car dealerships will always be needed, so looking to open one can be a great business venture. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then draw up a business plan and see how feasible it is for you to start your own business.

Until next time.

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