7 Reasons Why York Could Be a Great City to Move Your Business To

Deciding to relocate your business is a major decision and choosing the right place can be vital for the success of your company. In this article, I’m sharing seven reasons why York could be a great city to move your business to…

There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to choosing a new location for your business including talent, costs and opportunities to expand. The city of York offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to relocate including, a thriving economy and a diverse pool of talent. For more information on the legal side of relocating a business, solicitors in York can help provide tailored advice and support. Below, we’ll be providing seven reasons why York could be a great city to move your business to.

  1. Property prices

If you’re looking to rent or buy a commercial property for your business, York is a pretty good choice as prices tend to be considerably lower than in other cities such as London or Manchester.

Residential property is also really reasonable with central one-bedroom properties going for around £731 per month compared to £1685 in London. This can make a significant difference to business owners who are just starting out and, as such, are working on a tight budget. 

  1. Economy

Despite its relatively small size, York has an extremely robust economy, contributing approximately £5 billion to the national economy, making the city a pretty safe bet for a growing business. York council also runs a number of startup and small business schemes which offer support and, in some cases, financial assistance to businesses within the city walls. 

  1. Customer base

Businesses in York have a high success rate due to a steady stream of enthusiastic customers. Around 8.4 million tourists visit York every year, eager to spend their hard-earned cash. York also has a large student population with almost 21,000 young people studying at the University of York every year. 

  1. Top talent

Many of the University of York’s students choose to make York their home after graduation, adding to a rich source of talented employees in the city. In fact, 49% of residents of York hold a degree – a figure which is higher than the regional and national average. York also provides students and local entrepreneurs with tailored guidance and a number of business support schemes to help start-ups test ideas and build experience.

  1. Accessibility

York is at the very heart of the UK’s rail network and boasts over 140 connections, making it easy to travel to and from every major city in England and Scotland. In addition to its rail network, York also has good motorway connections as well as two airports nearby and reliable bus services throughout the city provided by First Bus

  1. Standard of living

In 2018, The Sunday Times named York as the best place to live in the UK and it’s not difficult to see how the city got its title. Housing is relatively inexpensive, and the city boasts a huge and diverse range of restaurants, bars and pubs. In addition to this, families can enjoy riverside walks and nearby areas of outstanding beauty such as North York Moors National Park. 

  1. Community

York enjoys a fantastic sense of community which is great for both business and pleasure. As well as being an easy place to make friends and take part in activities, York’s business community is a fairly tight-knit group with many business owners receptive to collaborations and partnerships. 

The city with a village feel 

While York is known for being a quaint, picturesque location, there’s so much more to this gem than pretty streets and a towering cathedral. A vibrant nightlife, sense of community and an affluent economy all come together to provide growing businesses with a base from which they can send their brand into the stratosphere. 

The diverse pool of talent and support schemes available to start-ups and local entrepreneurs in York can also help drive business growth and development.  

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